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I am trying to automate the testing of tableau reports. So I am looking for some directions and framework that I can use for automation testing of Tableau using groovy, gradle and selenium. The tableau contains reports and charts which are not easy to test as it is difficult to locate the elements on the back end as they are on canvas. Any experience with this issue and the approach you are following will help me too. Thanks in advance

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  • I would recommend looking after the Spock testing framework and geb. For UI testing of web apps, geb is very helpful. Search for the Book of Geb.

  • For reference see and

  • As you are already using groovy, these should look very familiar. They are great tools. Spock works in a JVM world (so your app can use any JVM language). Use Spock for unit and integration tests. Geb works as a simulated web client (the system could be written in any language). Use Geb for end to end tests.

Further, enroll for an online training course to clear the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification exam. I would recommend this Tableau Certifications Program by Intellipaat. 

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