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I use php api for blockchain.info.

here is my code:

$Blockchain = new \Blockchain\Blockchain();

$Blockchain->setServiceUrl('http://localhost:' . env('BTCPORT') . '/');

$Blockchain->Wallet->credentials($w_id, $w_password);

// $w_id is wallet id

$response = $Blockchain->Wallet->send($account, $amount, null, $fee, 'my comment');

And here my node.js process says 'error: Missing query parameter: api_code'. I use this php library https://github.com/blockchain/api-v1-client-php

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You need to check your block chain API code  it should be something like this

$Blockchain = new \Blockchain\Blockchain($url, $my_api_code);

If you need an API code, you can go to the link below


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