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I know pip is a package manager for python packages. However, I saw the installation on IPython's website use conda to install IPython.

Can I use pip to install IPython? Why should I use conda as another python package manager when I already have pip?

What is the difference between pip and conda?

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The difference between pip and conda is as follows:-


  • It installs Python packages only.

  • Compiles everything from source.

  • Core Python community i.e., Python 3.4+ version includes code that automatically bootstraps pip.


  • Conda is a packaging tool and installer that aims to do more than what pip does.

  • Conda handles library dependencies outside of the Python packages as well as the Python packages themselves. 

  • Conda also creates a virtual environment.

  • There is a tool called conda build that builds packages from source, but conda install itself installs things from already built conda packages.

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