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I have a Java socket application that requires a port number as a CLI argument. On my local machine I can run it via:

docker run -d -p 1111:1111 --name <name> --link <link> <foo>/<bar> 1111

The problem is that I haven't found a solution to pass the port number when using Ansible (I have a different task that pulls the image). Current task:

- name: Run server


          name: <name>

          image: <foo>/<bar>

          state: reloaded


              - "1111:1111"


              - "<link>"

Is there a way to pass the port as a CLI argument? Or is there a simple way to work around this? I've though about uploading a new image or using the command module but neither seem like right way to go.

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There is no native support to pass arbitrary arguments in Ansible's Docker module.  Try using shell module

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