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I'm not sure I completely understand the role of Docker in the process of development and deployment.

  1. Say, I create a Dockerfile with nginx, some database and something else which creates a container and runs fine.

  2. I drop it somewhere in the cloud and execute it to install and configure all the dependencies and environment settings.

  3. Next, I have a repository with a web application which I want to run inside the container I created and deployed in the first 2 steps. I regularly work on it and push the changes.

Now, how do I integrate the web application into the container?

  • Do I put it as a dependency inside the Dockerfile I create in the 1st step and recreate the container each time from scratch?

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This methedology should be chosen for production use, so when not as frequent deployments happen. If you care about downtimes during container-rebuilds (on upgrade), there are good concepts to deal with that too.We use this for production and pre-production intances.

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