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Why did Microsoft value GitHub at $7.5B?

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There are three main reasons why Microsoft valued $7.5B to GitHub:-

  • Mocrosoft has bought GitHub as a sign to the developer community because at that time Microsoft as a protectionist monopoly is well behind them. They have the branding goodwill that they expect will come with stewarding one of the most important platforms of the modern web.

  • Another reason is that GitHub Enterprise is a smart but small operation. So, Microsoft can scale it far more efficiently and take it to the more large scale just by funneling their own enterprise customers. This is a win-win situation for them because it improves the value of their acquisition while making their existing customers happier. 

  • The last reason that I think is Microsoft is going to push services like VS Code as a code editor and Azure for cloud infrastructure to GitHub customers via seamless native integration. It will lock in new developers and new clients at a marginal cost.

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