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What are the differences between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning?

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Artificial Intelligence is the ability of the machine to perform tasks that are characterized by human intelligence. The tasks may involve things like preparation, learning, solving problems, understanding language, speech recognition, decision making.

Studying ML Courses is an uncomplicated way of achieving Artificial Intelligence. It is determined as the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. One can use AI without using machine learning but that would need complex and million lines of codes.

Deep learning is one of many methods of machine learning. For instance, if your task is to sort pictures into men, women, animals, birds. In order to achieve this task, you can use machine learning algorithms such as decision trees, Artificial Neural Networks or maybe deep learning. If you are more into video lectures the do refer the following video tutorial that will help you understand AI, ML, and DL in detail and will clear your doubts regarding the same:

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