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How does Docker compare to similar solutions?

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Docker is similar to the following technologies:-

  • Solaris containers (It was there way before docker was even an idea).

  • Contained.

  • CoreOS rtk (rocket).

  • Apache Mesos.

  • LXC Containers.

What Docker is not like are as follows:-

  • VMware VM’s

  • KVM VM’s

  • Openstack instances

  • VirtualBox

What docker features are sort of like those that are shared among other tools:-

  • Packaged application management

  • orchestration

  • Network Overlays (not to be confused with virtual networks)

  • storage overlays (not to be confused with storage virtualization)

If you wish to learn docker and have a career in it then you must take up the following Docker Training Course. I am also mentioning a video tutorial for you which you must watch to learn all the basic concepts of Docker. 


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