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  • What is machine learning? State some applications of machine learning.
  • What will the machine learning code do?
  • When we say that the machine learns, will it modify the code of itself or it modifies history (database) which can contain the experience of code for the given set of inputs?

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@sonam, Machine learning is the ability of a system to automatically learn and improve or modify based on the past experiences without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on developing various computer programs which can access data and use it to learn for themselves. In simple words, machine learning can be defined as the art of teaching a computer program to react or to recognize patterns.

Applications of machine learning code-

1. Virtual Personal Assistance

 Example- siri,alexa,Google home

2. Predictions while commuting

Ex-traffic predictions

3. Video Surveillance

4.Social Media Services

It actually depends from algorithm to algorithm .There are some examples where the code gets actually modified like genetic programming .On the other hand, Neural networks also modify parameters itself to provide the expected response.

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