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A new web application may require adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the future, e.g. using ProLog. I know it can be done from a Java environment, but I am wondering about the opportunities with modern web languages like Ruby or Python. The latter is considered to be "more scientific" (at least used in that environment), but using Google there seems to be a preliminary ProLog implementation for both.

Any suggestions on modern (open source) web languages (like Python or Ruby) in combination with AI?

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Here, the choice of language is totally irrelevant, all other circumstances being equal.

If you are attempting to do A and there is a library for it in language B and fits well with your Web-based framework, then you must use it.

Without understanding more about what particular areas of AI you are interested in, the question is far too complex to be answered.

But if you using Prolog, then check out for PySWIF. It combines the declarative logic language Prolog with the procedural general-purpose language Python that allows you to write web apps procedurally in Python as you are used to.

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