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I have created a stacked bar and included 'Row Grand Totals' to the view, further to this have made use of 'Add Reference Line' option and brought Grand Totals for each of stacked bar. But could not bring Grand Totals for the bar which is a Row Grand Total.

In the below image, 'All Business' is the 'Row Grand Totals' to which I need Grand Totals on top of the bar.

enter image description here

Is there a way to achieve this requirement?

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As you have used reference line method.

  • Make sure first that your Label is value and value is (Sum of Row grand) and line in none.

If you have tried doing this already then 

  • Create a window_sum or LoD calc to calculate the totals. Drag this new calculated field to the Detail shelf. Then add it as a reference line.

Your alternative is to create a dual axis chart.Let me know if you need help in the same.

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