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Can anyone suggest to me what should I learn angular or react?

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Comparing angular and react is like comparing apples to oranges since angular and react solve different problems. Understand about Angular and React and choose what to learn among both. Angular is a JavaScript framework to build front-end applications such as web applications. Since it is a framework, Angular provides the structure and template to build applications in a particular way i.e. angular way. React is a JavaScript library that allows developing particular aspects as consistent, unidirectional data flows to your application views of a web application. React does not concern about the structure of the rest of the application. Learn more about Angular and React on React Vs Angular Comparison Blog.

If you want to learn the Angular JS framework, I would suggest registering for this Angular Training by Intellipaat. 

You can watch this video comparing Angular and React to know what should I learn among angular and react:

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