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Can anyone tell me whether Artificial Intelligence exists?

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Artificial Intelligence is a term that was coined in 1955 to denote the intelligence of machines when compared to that of humans. As of now, it is sure that humans are the most intelligent species out there. Machines are no doubt becoming more and more intelligent, but there is a long way to go if machines have to match or surpass human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence, as a whole, does exist everywhere around us. Right from automatic picture recognition to voice assistants like Siri and Alexa to even ad-recommendations in e-commerce sites, AI is already subtly implemented into our daily lives to a point where we do not even notice it is there. There are many not-so-subtle cases as well such as Sophia the robot or Tesla's self-driving car that makes use of a vast array of techniques and technologies to set themselves apart from the other applications out there.

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