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I have the pandas data frame with a column designated to town names. After each town name, I am adding a word "NSW" (e.g. "Sydney" will become "Sydney NSW"). However, this means even when a town already has NSW written, the script will add it again (e.g. "Narara NSW" will become "Narara NSW NSW"). How can I check if a name already has NSW and only add a string if NSW is not present? Here is my code so far:

#Adds "NSW" to the end of each town in the data frame and then adds these changes to to a csv

df['FullAddress'] = df['FullAddress'] + ' NSW'


df.to_csv('latLongTest.csv', index=False)

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My personal preference is to usually use np.where() in a situation like this:

df['FullAddress'] = np.where((df['FullAddress'].str.endswith(' NSW')), df['FullAddress'], df['FullAddress'] + ' NSW')

It is a vectorized and similar to an excel if statement IF(CONDITION, THEN, ELSE).

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