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Is there a way to keep the duplicates in a collected set in Hive, or simulate the sort of aggregate collection that Hive provides using some other method? I want to aggregate all of the items in a column that have the same key into an array, with duplicates.


hash_id | num_of_cats


ad3jkfk            4

ad3jkfk            4

ad3jkfk            2

fkjh43f            1

fkjh43f            8

fkjh43f            8

rjkhd93            7

rjkhd93            4

rjkhd93            7

should return:

hash_agg | cats_aggregate


ad3jkfk   Array<int>(4,4,2)

fkjh43f   Array<int>(1,8,8)

rjkhd93   Array<int>(7,4,7)

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After the release of Hive 13.0, collect_list(col) built-in aggregate function is supported in Hive, It returns the list of objects with duplicates. You should use it here:


    hash_id, collect_list(num_of_cats) AS aggr_set








If you are having any doubt regarding Hive, then you can refer the following video tutorial regarding the same:

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