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Can someone tell me that for what type of candidates is machine learning ideal?

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Machine learning can be learned by anyone and everyone. However, having the desire to make it big in the field along with immense passion towards the same is something that you should have inherently.

With the right attitude towards the subject, things would rather be smoother considering the overall competition and modifications in the field as this is a very volatile and evolving subject.

Be it Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Programming professionals, almost anyone can become a machine learning expert with the right skillset by their side.

Even though you are from a completely different field, I mean a field other than programming, you might have to pursue a few other courses related to the programming languages to make your journey learning machine learning quite an easy process.

Thus, you are expected to have the below-mentioned skills if you really want to make a great and successful career in shorter span of time in the Machine Learning field.

These skills include:

Programming languages such as, Python, Java, Scala, Matlab, R, C++, etc.

Knowledge of Databases like MySQL

Linux Operating System

Shell Scripting



Linear Algebra


Calculus of variations

Probability theory

Graph Theory

Good Communication skills

Good analytical skills


Good business skills

Knowledge of Data structures and Algorithms, etc.

With all these skills by your side, you can definitely make a great career in this field.

However, my personal experience of learning this subject says that you need to do a good amount of your homework on the field prior to joining any course or taking up any professional help on the field.

For upskilling yourself in Machine Learning, I strongly recommend you Intellipaat Machine Learning Course. This course starts explaining things from the very basics and goes to advance knowledge, hence even people from non-technical backgrounds can also enroll in this course.

See this Machine Learning Course for better knowledge :

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