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So I'm presently utilizing portable python and I need to add the neurolab library. On command line I took a stab at moving to the scripts directory and executing 

easy_install.exe neurolab

At that point another command line window opens and it's discovered the neurolab project on google code and its listing documents. At that point it flashes through a huge load of lines and the window closes. 

Anyway neurolab isn't added to my portable python... 

Any assistance would be quite appreciated

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It actually looks like a pure python library. If it is the case, you can also install it without easy_install by following the below steps:

  1. Download from PyPi 
  2. Unpack the tar.gz file with Winzip, 7-zip or other tool
  3. Copy contents of "neurolab" (marked on the picture) folder to App\Lib\site-packages\ in Portable Python
  4. Use it !

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