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Could someone tell me what is Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)?

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CCSP or Certified Cloud Security Professional is a certification exam conducted by (ISC)2 to help validate your advanced Cyber Security technical skills, and test whether you have the knowledge to design, manage, and secure applications, data, and infrastructure in the cloud all by using the best practices, procedures, and policies that are preached by Cyber Security experts at (ISC)2. The Cyber Security professionals who have several years of experience (5 years) and another 1 year of experience in related domains are eligible to take this exam, or else you should be CISSP certified.

If you are planning to take this certification, what you need is a certification course, which is designed to enhance your practical skills, through guided projects. And in this regard, I would recommend you to enroll in Intellipaat’s CCSP certification course. Also, watch the latest video on CCSP Certification to get a better understanding.

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