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Below is the response String I get from a server:


  "name": "Json",

  "detail": {

    "first_name": "Json",

    "last_name": "Scott",

    "age": "23"


  "status": "success"


Can anyone tell me how to get the value of the first name?

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Check out the code I used for my application:

String data="{'foo':'bar','coolness':2.0, 'altitude':39000, 'pilot':{'firstName':'Buzz','lastName':'Aldrin'}, 'mission':'apollo 11'}";

To retrieve the first name, I do something like the below: 

JSONObject json = (JSONObject) JSONSerializer.toJSON(data);        

    double coolness = json.getDouble( "coolness" );

    int altitude = json.getInt( "altitude" );

    JSONObject pilot = json.getJSONObject("pilot");

    String firstName = pilot.getString("firstName");

    String lastName = pilot.getString("lastName");

    System.out.println( "Coolness: " + coolness );

    System.out.println( "Altitude: " + altitude );

    System.out.println( "Pilot: " + lastName );

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