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I'm new to Hyperledger Fabric. Can any one tell me where the endorsing policy is stored in Hyperledger Fabric?

Thanks in advance

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When an endorsement policy is specified or modified for a chaincode or smart contract within the context of a channel, it is stored in the configuration block for that channel by the orderer.

From the Hyperledger Fabric 1.1 documentation:

When the CONFIG_UPDATE is received, the orderer computes the resulting CONFIG by doing the following:

  • Verifies the channel_id and read_set. All elements in the read_set must exist at the given versions.
  • Computes the update set by collecting all elements in the write_set which do not appear at the same version in the read_set.
  • Verifies that each element in the update set increments the version number of the element update by exactly 1.
  • Verifies that the signature set attached to the ConfigUpdateEnvelope satisfies the mod_policy for each element in the update set.
  • Computes a new complete version of the config by applying the update set to the current config.
  • Writes the new config into a ConfigEnvelope which includes the CONFIG_UPDATE as the last_update field and the new config encoded in the config field, along with the incremented sequence value.
  • Writes the new ConfigEnvelope into an Envelope of type CONFIG, and ultimately writes this as the sole transaction in a new configuration block.
  • When the peer (or any other receiver for Deliver) receives this configuration block, it should verify that the config was appropriately validated by applying the last_update message to the current config and verifying that the orderer-computed config field contains the correct new configuration.

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