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For context, I am trying to import a certain range of columns in an Excel sheet into a Blue Prism object as a collection.

So I've got a worksheet with columns from A to AM. When I get sheet as collection, blank columns named "Column1" to "Column10" (the first time) and "Column1" to "Column19" (the second time, note its 19 cols this time) mysteriously appear in the collection. No data is in these columns - no whitespace, nothing.

In order to prevent anything of the sort from messing up the collection cols, I'm looking for a way to get a range of columns as a collection, e.g. A - AM. The number of rows is undetermined, so the get range as collection action is not suitable. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Open the 'MS Excel VBO' object and duplicate the page 'Get Worksheet Rage as Collection' and name it according to youDuplicated

  2. Edit the code stage: give it a new name (because code stages cannot have the same name in the same object) and change the inputs and code stages to match the following (I'm calling the new range as 'Address' here, but feel free to name it something else as long as you are consistent throughout):
    Inputs Code

  3. Edit the start stage. You can delete the previous data items for Start Cell and End Cell and create one for Address:
    enter image description here

  4. Publish and save the object. You can then use it from the object or process you are working on and use a range such as A:AM.


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