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Could you recommend a training path to start and become very good in Information Extraction? I started reading about it to do one of my projects and soon realized that I would have to be good at math (Algebra, Stats, Prob). I have read some of the introductory books on different math topics (and its so much fun). Looking for some guidance. Please help.

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It depends upon the nature of your project i.e

Natural language processing and Computational linguistics can be used for information extraction. They provide tools to extract features from the text information and apply training, scoring, or classification.

Some projects for this topic are: POS (part-of-speech) tagging, and named entity recognition (ability to recognize names, places, and dates from the plain text). The main part of the information extraction is search. It includes:

  • Structure extraction

  • Identify and mark the sentence, phrase, and paragraph boundaries

  • Language identification

  • Tokenization

  • Acronym normalization and tagging

  • Lemmatization / Stemming

  • Phrase extraction

You can learn more about search here.

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