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Intellipaat’s online programming courses offer you training on a variety of programming languages, such as C, C++, R, Python, JavaScript, and more. The courses are for all skill levels, and you can choose to learn any or all courses as per your wish. In these courses, you will have free access to the entire course material, which you can refer to at any time. So, without wasting time, enroll in one of these courses today and give a kick-start to your programming career.


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Executive Programs from Top Universities

  • Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI

    Key Skills – Python, Data Science, Data Analysis, AI, GIT, MLOps, Data Wrangling, SQL, Story Telling, Machine Learning, Prediction algorithms, NLP, Model, Data visualization

    • 100 Hrs Online Class
    • 30+ Projects
    • 218 Hrs Videos
    Collabaration Image Next Cohort: 29th Jan 2023 7 Months
    Advanced Certification
  • Software Engineering and Application Development

    Key Skills – Problem Solving, Advanced Programming, Data Structures, Algorithms, Product Management, System Design, Application Development, Full-Stack Specialization, Back-end Specialization, Web Architecture, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Databases, Rest API

    • 231 Hrs Online Class
    • 300 Hrs Projects
    • 196 Hrs Videos
    Collabaration Image Next Cohort: 29th Jan 2023 9 Months
    Advanced Certification
  • Master’s in Computer Science by IU

    Key Skills – Python, Advanced Statistics, Advanced Mathematics, Data Science, Software Engineering, Algorithms, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Networks and Distributed Systems, Blockchain, UI/UX, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

    Collabaration Image Next Cohort: 28th Jan 2023 2 Years
    Degree Program
  • Post Graduate Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning

    Key Skills – Python, Data wrangling, developing questions that can be answered by the data set, supervised and unsupervised learning, coding and testing, text mining, applications of NLP, model tuning

    • 202 Hrs Online Class
    • 404 Hrs Projects
    • 154 Hrs Videos
    Collabaration Image Next Cohort: 28th Jan 2023 12 Months
    PG Certification

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Popular Courses

  • Angular Certification Course

    Key Skills – Angular CLI, Angular Components, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Angular Dependency, Injection, Directives, Pipes, Forms, Angular Routing, HTTP Promises, Angular Application Testing, Event Binding, etc.

    • 24 Hrs Online Class
    • 48 Hrs Projects
    • 24 Hrs Videos
    Live Classes: 24 Hrs.
  • Unix Certification Course

    Key Skills – Command-line Interpreter, File Manipulation, Program Execution, Text Printing, Parameters, Variables & Arguments, Loops, Iterations, Regular Expressions, Text Manipulations, Writing Functions, Advanced Scripts, etc.

    • 6 Hrs Online Class
    • 30 Hrs Videos
    Next Cohort: 28th Jan 2023 Live Classes: 6 Hrs.
  • Python Certification Course

    Key Skills – Python Environment Setup, OOP Concepts, Database Connection, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Exception Handling, Multi-threading, Packages & Functions, Web scraping, Python for Apache Spark Coding, etc.

    • 42 Hrs Online Class
    • 50 Hrs Projects
    • 24 Hrs Videos
    Next Cohort: 24th Jan 2023 Live Classes: 42 Hrs.
  • Data Science with Python Certification Training Course

    Key Skills – Python Basic Constructs, OOPs in Python, NumPy, SciPy, Data Manipulation, Data Visualization with Matplotlib, Machine Learning using Python, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Python integration with Spark, etc.

    • 400 Hrs Applied Learning
    • 200 Hrs Projects
    • Career Service
    Collabaration Image Next Cohort: 24th Jan 2023 Live Classes: 39 Hrs.
  • Golang Certification Course

    Key Skills – Functions Concurrency Methods Conditional Statements Loops Arrays Goroutines Packages Interfaces Assertions Channels Pointers Structures Error Handling

    • 55 Hrs Online Class
    • 110 Hrs Projects
    Next Cohort: 28th Jan 2023
  • Linux Administration Course

    Key Skills – Multiple Linux Installations, Automated Installation with Kick Start, Package Management; Services, Utilities, Files, Directories; SystemD, Linux User Administration, File System Management, Server-Client Configurations, Samba, Firewall, IP Tables, etc.

    • 12 Hrs Online Class
    • 12 Hrs Videos
    Next Cohort: 28th Jan 2023 Live Classes: 12 Hrs.

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Our Success Stories

Learner Reviews of Programming

Kiruthika R

Software Engineer at HCL Technologies

I have enrolled in Java J2EE SOA training with Intellipaat. The course content was very good and well structured. It was very clear to understand from the beginning to the case study. It was very interesting actually and I have absolutely loved my experience with Intellipaat. If anyone wants to learn and upgrade in their career, I would highly recommend Intellipaat.

On 12-10-2021

Abhishek Raj

Senior Software Engineer at Datagaps Inc

I would like to recommend Intellipaat to all those who are looking to upgrade their careers. My learning experience with their live programming classes was great. It provided the opportunity to work on real-world projects that helped me get hands-on experience. Trainers clarified many of my doubts. The course structure and training process are good. The support team helped a lot and my queries were resolved within 24hrs. Thank you Intellipaat.

On 12-10-2021

Ghaith Alomari

Computer Science Student at United States

I enrolled in a Node Js course. The live classes by expert trainers were interactive. They were highly experienced and explained everything in a simpler way with live examples that made me understand technical concepts easily. Additionally, the LMS, course content, Projects are all great. This is the best course and I will definitely recommend it.

On 12-10-2021

Ankush Ladhane

Sr.Technical Analyst at Intersoft Data Labs

Intellipaat has greatly aided me in developing new talents for my work. Intellipaat's instructors are really talented and have greatly aided me in grasping basic ReactJS concepts. This ReactJS training instructor was excellent. He took the time and effort to thoroughly clarify all of the concepts. In addition, the study materials I received from Intellipaat were really detailed and helpful.

On 12-10-2021

Helen Goenawan

Team Leader at The University of Texas at Dallas

I did the Python Certification course with no prior background in programming. The lectures and PowerPoint were very helpful to understand the concepts from the basics. The support team was always fast and helpful. I got exposure to hands-on projects which gave me practical knowledge of coding. Even though I had no experience at first, I feel I learned a lot. Now, I am able to do python programming with ease.

On 12-10-2021

Akshita Gade

Software Engineer at Virtusa

It was great learning this programming course from intellipaat. I have opted for angular training and got good learning through this. It has everything that we can expect from the Python online training course. Self-paced content, lifetime access to the course material, Online classes by experts, recorded videos, 1:1 sessions, assignments, projects, and 24/7 support. I liked this course. It was very helpful for me.

On 12-10-2021

FAQ 's on Programming Courses

What are the key features of online programming classes?

  • Instructor-led sessions from industry experts
  • High-quality interactive self-paced videos
  • Exercises and project work
  • Job assistance
  • Flexible schedule
  • Lifetime free upgrade
  • 24/7 lifetime support and access

Computer programming is the process of writing codes and instructions that computers can execute. The codes are written by programmers using any programming language such that the computer systems can understand the given instructions and perform the tasks, accordingly.

The general process of programming comprises analyzing the given problem and, further, building a logical sequence of codes or blocks of code to solve that problem. The path to a particular solution is not definite as there will be generally multiple ways in which one can get to the solution. Here, the main role of a programmer is to design and write a code that is most suitable and efficient.

There are no prerequisites to learn programming online. Intellipaat’s online programming classes demand zero prior understanding or exposure to any programming language. Although, having basic knowledge and understanding of one or more programming languages can be beneficial while learning.

Below is the list of professionals who can sign up for our online programming classes:

  • UI Designers
  • Developers and Programmers
  • Java Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • Individuals and entry-level professionals who wish to pursue a career in programming
  • Professionals who are interested to learn to program and make a career transition to this domain

There are tons of open jobs in programming and other related domains. Those who wish to enter the computer programming world can opt to specialize in as many programming languages as they want and search for numerous job opportunities in the field. Below are some of the job roles that are available for you to apply for after completing any of our computer programming courses:

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Programmer
  • Java Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Programming Officer
  • Technical Program Manager
  • Java Programmer Analyst

Below is the list of computer programming courses that you can sign up for at Intellipaat:

  • Python Certification Training Course
  • AngularJS Training
  • UNIX Shell Scripting
  • HTML and jQuery Training
  • Linux Advanced Administration Training
  • Python Data Science Course & Training
  • Java Training
  • C and Data Structures Training
  • PHP and MySQL Training
  • PHP, MySQL, HTML, and jQuery Training – Website Development Master’s Program
  • JBPM and Drools Training

It depends entirely on your end goal. If you think you want a career in Data Science, the Python Data Science course & training would be a perfect fit. If you are just a beginner, then you can pick up the Python certification training course as it is an easy language to learn. If you are interested in Web Development, you can enroll in our HTML and jQuery training, PHP and MySQL training, or the PHP, MySQL, HTML, and jQuery training – Website development master’s program. For more information, you can reach out to our course advisors to find the course that is more tailored to your future career aspirations.

As working professionals, taking up these online programming courses is not only convenient but also efficient, especially if you are working full time. These courses are convenient not only for professionals but also for freshers and aspirants who want to dive into programming to kick-start their careers in the IT domain. These courses are much more convenient than physically having to go to an institute every day as you can learn online from the comfort of your home or office. There will be online assistance and support available 24/7 once you enroll with us. Furthermore, our job assistance program that is included with all the courses is something to look forward to for landing your dream jobs.

Programming is a necessary skill in the IT domain if you want to have a successful career as a developer. These programming languages courses can be quite useful. Moreover, programmers are highly paid by their employers worldwide.

Indian programmers earn around ₹479,600 p.a. on average, according to PayScale, while programmers in the USA earn around US$59,550 per year on average as per Indeed.

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