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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification Training Course

Our Google Cloud certification training online will help you clear the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification exam. This GCP certification training will give you hands-on experience in Google Cloud services like storage, computing, database, and security. Design and deploy scalable Google Cloud solutions for enterprises now!

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GCP Certification Training Overview

What will you learn in this Google Cloud Platform training?

You will learn the following concepts in this GCP online course

  1. Introduction to fundamentals of Google Cloud
  2. Managing and provisioning Google Cloud solutions
  3. Implementing the Google Cloud architecture
  4. Various GCP products and services
  5. Analyzing data by running queries on GCP
  6. Developing and deploying Google Cloud solutions
  7. Managing GCP services using app, CLI and console
  8. Machine Learning services in GCP

Following people can take up this Google Cloud Architect certification training-

IT Professionals, Software Developers, Administrators, those looking to deploy SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions, Systems and Network Administrators and Project Managers can take up this GCP certification.

Prior IT Experience would be an added advantage to take up these Google Cloud certification courses.

You can go for this GCP training online because Google Cloud is among the top three cloud computing services in the world today. Thanks to the sheer dominance of Google in the Internet space, the cloud services offered by Google are going to expand in leaps and bounds in the near future. All this is going to create a huge number of job opportunities in the Google Cloud domain. Intellipaat’s Google Cloud Architect certification program has been created to give you a complete hands-on experience of working in the Google Cloud domain, thus helping you land in the best jobs in the cloud domain.

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Google Cloud Course Curriculum

Live Course

Module 01 - Introduction to Google Cloud


1.1 Understanding the fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform
1.2 The Google Global infrastructure
1.3 Products for storage, compute, networking, Machine Learning, and more
1.4 Availability zones
1.5 Different projects running on the GCP infrastructure, including Google projects

Module 02 - Google Cloud Services


2.1 Introduction to Google Cloud services
2.2 Managing Google services using command-line tools, app, and console
2.3 Installing and configuring SDK
2.4 Deploying Cloud Shell for GCP environment management
2.5 Deploying Gsutil

3.1 Understanding Google computing services
3.2 Creating and managing virtual machines in Google Cloud
3.3 Launching VMs on-demand using Google Compute Engine
3.4 Choosing the right computing solutions based on the workload like memory or CPU
3.5 Important actions with Compute Engine
3.6 Balancing the load

4.1 Various storage services offered with Google Cloud
4.2 The process of storing and retrieving data
4.3 Rich content management
4.4 Hosting a website
4.5 Choosing the right storage options
4.6 Integrating on-premises with the cloud storage environment
4.7 Nearline and Coldline storage
4.8 Cloud Datastore
4.9 Managing cloud storage using Gsutil

5.1 Deploying Google Cloud for developing applications and for debugging and monitoring purposes
5.2 Choosing the right data storage for application data
5.3 Automating infrastructure
5.4 Managing the API
5.5 Cloud source
5.6 Functions and special APIs
5.7 Implementing and configuring Cloud Launcher and Deployment Manager
5.8 Application deployment using Cloud Engine

6.1 Introduction to Google networking
6.2 Setting up the Google network
6.3 Connecting various Google Cloud Platform resources
6.4 Isolation using firewalls and network policies
6.5 Creating and managing of Virtual Private Network
6.6 Working with cloud routers and interconnecting networks

7.1 Different security and identity and access management (IAM) services
7.2 Various roles in IAM
7.3 Creating and managing Google resources permissions
7.4 IAM APIs
7.5 The creation of custom roles
7.6 Sharing resources and isolation
7.7 Deploying penetration testing, auditing, and security controls

8.1 Understanding how to migrate to Google Cloud
8.2 Various criteria to be considered
8.3 Choosing the right options as per the specific needs
8.4 Managing a hybrid cloud model
8.5 Complete migration from the on-premises model to the cloud
8.6 Choosing an automation framework for resource provisioning

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Google Cloud Platform Projects

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Google Cloud Certification and Exam

About GCP Certification course from Intellipaat

This GCP course is designed to clear the Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification exam. The entire course is in line with the certification curriculum and helps you get the best jobs in top MNCs. As part of this training, you will be working on real-time projects and assignments that have immense implications in the real-world industry scenarios, thus helping you fast-track your career effortlessly.

At the end of this GCP certification training program, there will be a quiz that perfectly reflects the type of questions asked in the certification exam and helps you score better marks.

Intellipaat Course Completion Certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the project work (after the expert review) and upon scoring at least 60% marks in the quiz of this Google Cloud platform training. Intellipaat certification is well recognized in top 80+ MNCs like Ericsson, Cisco, Cognizant, Sony, Mu Sigma, Saint-Gobain, Standard Chartered, TCS, Genpact, Hexaware, etc.

Today, the GCP by Google is a popular choice of the majority of the Fortune 500 companies. It offers availability, comfortability, ease, and other features that support data recording, processing, updating, and analysis.

Students and professionals alike prefer GCP certification as it has become the preference of reputed companies. It can offer better remuneration and job stability in a world where job markets are facing fierce competition.

The Google certifications are categorized into three levels:

  • Foundational

Currently, only the Cloud Digital Leader is under the Foundational certification. This level of certification showcases an individual’s broad knowledge of cloud concepts and Google Cloud products, tools, services, features, use cases, and benefits. This certification is suitable for professionals in technical roles who can benefit from understanding the cloud basics.

  • Associate

The Cloud Engineer certification is an Associate-level certification. This is the perfect starting point for pursuing professional certifications as it covers the fundamental skills of deploying, monitoring, and maintaining projects on Google Cloud.

  • Professional

The professional-level certifications are for specific advanced roles. The Professional-level certifications go much deeper than the Associate-level certifications. These certifications cover both the technology and the business realities surrounding these advanced roles.

There are six professional GCP certifications:

  • Professional Cloud Architect: This certification helps one acquire skills and proficiency in complex cloud solutions, services in GCP. These certified-professionals are among the highest-paid in the GCP profession.
  • Professional Data Engineer: This certification helps in developing data engineering skills, designing and building data collection, data processing, and machine learning on GCP.
  • Professional Cloud Developer: This certification is for those with an interest in full-stack knowledge and skills scalable applications of the GCP model.
  • Professional Cloud Network Engineer: This certification helps develop skills in designing, implementing, and managing the GCP model architecture.
  • Professional Cloud Security Engineer: This certification is specifically meant for future security engineers who are interested in the security of the cloud infrastructure using GCP security tools.
  • Professional Collaboration Engineer: This certification is for those targeting to become a G Suite specialist in the future. The certification requires over three years of industry experience and at least one year of G Suite Administration experience.

There are also additional Google Cloud certificates that are meant to improve a professional’s ability to better apply knowledge and skills in problem-solving and handling cloud computing services. These include:

  • Apigee certification: This certification helps improve an individual’s knowledge in applying various Google tools, processes, and practices meant for for problem-solving.
  • Google Associate Android Developer: This certification is meant to make G Suite professionals acquire more expertise in handling and working with Android devices.
  • Google Mobile Web Specialist: This certification caters to web developers and help with the deployment of responsive and flexible web applications in the cloud computing process.

The best approach to crack a GCP Certification is:

  1. Having a clear understanding of cloud computing fundamental concepts
  2. Having good knowledge of concepts in real-life applications
  3. Having the ability to build a GCP architecture to effectively utilize resources and yield quality outcomes
  4. Practicing all the concepts and topics
  5. Attempting practice tests that are available online
  6. Awareness of roles and policies
  7. Having persistence
  8. Keeping up with the latest technological know-how and the upgrades.

The GCP certification is valid for two years and individuals will be required to reapply with additional knowledge and/or any additions made during that time interval.

The GCP certification price ranges from US$99 for the lowest-level certification to US$200 for the Professional-level ones.

The associate-level GCP certification is an excellent start for anyone in cloud computing and could serve as a pathway to professional-level certifications. It focuses on the basic skills of setting up, monitoring, and managing projects using GCP.

You can retake the exam again after 14 days. If you don’t pass the second time, you will be allowed a third attempt after 60 days. The fourth attempt is allowed after 365 days.

The exam can be difficult for those who aren’t prepared well. The questions challenge one’s knowledge along with their time management skills. Considering all the factors, it is certainly a hard nut to crack without help. The best way to ensure practical proficiency is by signing up for a course that will not only train you extensively on various skills but will also help you apply them hands-on on real-time projects.

To book your exam, visit the official Google Cloud website. You will be asked to create a Webassessor account before you can register for the exams. Make sure to create the account with your personal email ID. Schedule the exam time at a testing center near you.

You can prepare well by learning the fundamentals of Google Cloud, managing and provisioning Google Cloud solutions, implementing the Google Cloud architecture, the various GCP products and services, data analysis, how to develop and deploy Google Cloud solutions, and more. You can cover all these skills by signing up for our Google Cloud Certification Training.

The GCP certification is valid for two years.

Google Cloud confirms the exam results within 7-10 days.

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GCP Training Online FAQs

What is GCP Certification?

Google’s GCP certifications are some of the strongest certifications out there that can open up a lot of opportunities for you in the cloud domain. The GCP certification will be able to showcase your capability to effectively use of GCP skills fit for a real-world role.

This Intellipaat Google Cloud training gives you hands-on experience in working with the Google Cloud Platform that is used by some of the biggest corporations in the world. You will master the complete Google Cloud concepts and technologies and get hands-on experience in designing, managing, monitoring and securing the GCP using Google best practices.

In this GCP course, you will be working on real-time Google Cloud projects and step-by-step assignments that have high relevance in the corporate world, and the course curriculum is designed by industry experts. Upon the completion of the Google cloud platform course, you can apply for some of the best jobs in top MNCs around the world at top salaries. Intellipaat offers lifetime access to videos, course materials, 24/7 support and course material upgrading to the latest version at no extra fee. Hence, it is clearly a one-time investment in this Google cloud certification.

You can become a GCP-certified professional when you crack the certification exam.

One can start out as a developer, get into DevOps, and then work with system deployment processes. That could lead to a principal developer job and then get certified and work their way up to a Cloud Architect role.

Before starting with this GCP certification, you should have a good command over a programming language. We provide free resources to learn various basic essential tools and languages that you can check out.

There is a exponential rise in vendors of cloud technology as well as the requirement for cloud-based solutions. This supply and demand will only increase. Cloud computing itself has a bright future. It will get better and more expansive in the future. This means that along with other cloud-related roles, Google Cloud Architect will also have a bright future.

Below are the popular job roles suitable for GCP-certified professionals:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Cloud Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Collaboration Engineer

GCP certification can help open up opportunities for your career. When it comes to the cloud space, Google Cloud Platform is one of the leaders. Many top organizations have adopted GCP for their cloud needs and will continue to do so. So, this is the right time to get certified.

In the US, a certified-Google Cloud Solution Architect earns about US$144,231 per year as per ZipRecruiter. In India, these certified professionals earn about ₹2,000,000 p.a. according to Glassdoor.

Some of the top companies hiring GCP-certified professionals are:

  • IBM
  • Accenture
  • Deloitte
  • Genpact
  • Cognizant
  • Standard Chartered
  • HSBC

Following are the minimum specs required:

Hardware Requirements:

  • Memory – Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Processor – Intel Core i3 CPU @2.00 GHz or later
  • Storage – 250 GB HDD/SDD or later

Software Requirements:

  • Operating System – Windows 7 or later / Ubuntu 14 or later


This best choice between the two completely depends on the interest of the person as well as their professional requirements.

Some of the other related Cloud programs are on AWS, Azure, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and DevOps.

If you are looking for some free resources on GCP, read our blogs on Interview Questions and everything to know about the Google Cloud Platform.

3 technical 1:1 sessions per month will be allowed.

At Intellipaat, you can enroll in either the instructor-led online training or self-paced training. Apart from this, Intellipaat also offers corporate training for organizations to upskill their workforce. All trainers at Intellipaat have 12+ years of relevant industry experience, and they have been actively working as consultants in the same domain, which has made them subject matter experts. Go through the sample videos to check the quality of our trainers.

Intellipaat is offering 24/7 query resolution, and you can raise a ticket with the dedicated support team at any time. You can avail of email support for all your queries. If your query does not get resolved through email, we can also arrange one-on-one sessions with our support team. However, 1:1 session support is provided for a period of 6 months from the start date of your course.

Intellipaat is offering you the most updated, relevant, and high-value real-world projects as part of the training program. This way, you can implement the learning that you have acquired in real-world industry setup. All training comes with multiple projects that thoroughly test your skills, learning, and practical knowledge, making you completely industry-ready.

You will work on highly exciting projects in the domains of high technology, ecommerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, insurance, etc. After completing the projects successfully, your skills will be equal to 6 months of rigorous industry experience.

Intellipaat actively provides placement assistance to all learners who have successfully completed the training. For this, we are exclusively tied-up with over 80 top MNCs from around the world. This way, you can be placed in outstanding organizations such as Sony, Ericsson, TCS, Mu Sigma, Standard Chartered, Cognizant, and Cisco, among other equally great enterprises. We also help you with the job interview and résumé preparation as well.

You can definitely make the switch from self-paced training to online instructor-led training by simply paying the extra amount. You can join the very next batch, which will be duly notified to you.

Once you complete Intellipaat’s training program, working on real-world projects, quizzes, and assignments and scoring at least 60 percent marks in the qualifying exam, you will be awarded Intellipaat’s course completion certificate. This certificate is very well recognized in Intellipaat-affiliated organizations, including over 80 top MNCs from around the world and some of the Fortune 500companies.

Apparently, no. Our job assistance program is aimed at helping you land in your dream job. It offers a potential opportunity for you to explore various competitive openings in the corporate world and find a well-paid job, matching your profile. The final decision on hiring will always be based on your performance in the interview and the requirements of the recruiter.

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