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Database Certification Training Courses

This section includes the complete set of tools and technologies for working with the most popular database systems. Here you will learn about Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Server, SQL Developer, SQL database administrator, installation of SQL server, clustering and more. The training courses include learning the architecture of database, database structures, schema objects and other aspects. You will master the aspects of scaling the database, moving it to the cloud, deploying queries, sub-queries, joins and more. The entire training is in line with the industry certifications.

Database Architect Training Combo Course

Database Architect Training: Combo Cours...

68 Hrs2911 Learners
Instructor Led Training : 68 Hrs Self-paced Videos : 68 Hrs Exercises & Project Work : 136 Hrs
Oracle PLSQL and DBA Training

Oracle PL/SQL and DBA Training

28 Hrs2456 Learners
Instructor Led Training : 28 Hrs Self-paced Videos : 28 Hrs Exercises & Project Work : 56 Hrs
SQL Developer and SQL DBA Training Master's Program

SQL Developer and SQL DBA Training Maste...

32 Hrs2657 Learners
Instructor Led Training : 32 Hrs Self-paced Videos : 32 Hrs Exercises & Project Work : 64 Hrs
Oracle PLSQL Training and Certification

Oracle PL/SQL Training and Certification

24 Hrs3567 Learners
Instructor Led Training : 24 Hrs Self-paced Videos : 24 Hrs Exercises & Project Work : 28 Hrs
Oracle DBA Certification Training

Oracle DBA Certification Training

18 Hrs3128 Learners
Instructor Led Training : 18 Hrs Self-paced Videos : 18 Hrs Exercises & Project Work : 28 Hrs
SQL Certification Course Training for MS SQL Server

SQL Certification Course Training for MS...

24 Hrs4594 Learners
Instructor-led Training: 24 Hrs Self-paced Videos: 24 Hrs Exercises & Project Work: 32 Hrs
MS SQL Server DBA Training and Certification Course

MS SQL Server DBA Training and Certifica...

16 Hrs2936 Learners
Instructor Led Training : 16 Hrs Self-paced Videos : 16 Hrs Exercises & Project Work : 32 Hrs
MSBI and SQL Training Combo Course

MSBI and SQL Training: Combo Course

46 Hrs2097 Learners
Instructor Led Training : 46 Hrs Self-paced Videos : 46 Hrs Exercises & Project Work : 92 Hrs
Oracle RAC Certification Training

Oracle RAC Certification Training

20 Hrs2147 Learners
Instructor Led Training : 20 Hrs Exercises & Project Work : 40 Hrs Get Certified & Job Assistance
SAP HANA Certification Training

SAP HANA Certification Training

33 Hrs9360 Learners
Instructor-led Training: 33 Hrs Self-paced Videos: 30 Hrs Exercises & Project Work: 30 Hrs
Blockchain Certification Training Course

Blockchain Certification Training Course

32 Hrs2974 Learners
Instructor-led Training: 32 Hrs Self-paced Videos: 32 Hrs Exercises & Project Work(s): 40 Hrs
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