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Assessing Your Skills and Getting Trained in a Digitally-driven World!

Assessing Your Skills and Getting Trained in a Digitally-driven World!

Today technology is growing at a breakneck speed. Some of the most cutting-edge technological advances in the domains of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Nano technology, Blockchain and others are reshaping our world in hitherto unheard ways.


So due to such rapid advancements in the field of high technology there are new jobs and professional roles that are being created on a regular basis. Today open source is a potent force that is driving our world and making it a much more equitable world. All this means we need to have newer ways of measuring the tech talent and the ways of building the tech talent have to be radically improved or sometimes completely redefined.

So due to all this there are new jobs being created and as a professional you need to stay updated with the latest technology in order to grab the best opportunities at top-notch salaries. So in this blog post we will delve into the aspect of measuring the tech talent and building the requisite tech skills needed to survive in this hyper competitive digitally-driven world.

We today have a much bigger technological space than what we had even just a decade ago.  Some of the most exciting frameworks, processes, tools, languages, and technological advancements are helping reshape the world in more ways than one.

Measuring the skills of a professional are not easy since there are multiple yardsticks that are being deployed in order to gauge the skill of a professional. It could be the theoretical knowledge about something, the practical application of any technology, the ability to work on industry relevant projects, and such other various ways of measuring the skill of an individual that is so cumbersome, time-consuming, expensive and at times can be very subjective.

Once the skills are measured then the next logical step would be to build on the necessary skills in order to help the candidates get the jobs that they are looking for. So building skills needs a lot of understanding of the industry requirements, the importance of certain technology which will have a bigger impact than the rest of the technologies in the future and such other aspects.

As a technology professional you need to plan the right strategy to build your career. Having a basic engineering degree does not suffice any longer. It is no more about being a jack of all trades but rather a master of any specific domain. So in order to build your career you should understand the options that are available to you at hand.

One of the biggest technological domain today is the open source big data hadoop ecosystem. This domain has some of the best jobs in today’s world. Let us get a bit deeper into this domain.

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  • Hadoop Architect :

This is the domain wherein you will learn about Hadoop developer, Hadoop administrator, Hadoop analyst and Hadoop Testing roles. This is one of the most valuable roles in the Hadoop ecosystem in which you will learn to do the programming of MapReduce applications, writing queries for Apache Hive and Apache Pig among other things. As part of the Hadoop administrator role you will learn about managing, monitoring and administering the Hadoop cluster and ensure it is working fine at all times. As a Hadoop analyst you will be working on coming up with key insights by using data and scripting languages, do hypotheses based on different parameters to impact key performance indicators.

This is the most important role in the Hadoop ecosystem currently. It encompasses a set of roles in the Hadoop domain viz. the Hadoop developer, Hadoop administrator, Hadoop analyst and Hadoop testing. You will gain 360 degree knowledge and hands-on experience in Hadoop architecture to grab the most lucrative job opportunities.

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  • Data Science :

As confirmed by Harvard Business Review, this is the best job of the 21st century. Getting trained in this domain means your career will rise at rocket speed and your professional life will reach for the stars. If you take the data scientist training you will have hands-on experience in real life industry setup. You will learn how to work with data, mine the data, analyze it and convert it into valuable business insights. This domain requires you to have hands-on experience of data analytics, programming skills, data visualization and data discovery and communicating the findings to the appropriate personnel to take data-driven decisions and actions.

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  • Cloud, DevOps, IoT, Deep Learning, et al

Here we have listed a set of technologies that will find increasing application in a digitally-driven world. The shift towards the cloud is unstoppable making it highly beneficial to learn technologies like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. DevOps today is at a very early phase giving the professionals who choose to master this domain a clear head start. Internet of Things is another domain that will be critical to business success in the not so distant future. Getting trained in IoT means you can be the architect of the shift towards IoT in an organization of your choice.

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning have huge implications to our world and currently we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of the actual power of AI and Deep Learning. This domain has really staggering salary opportunities for trained professionals.

So in today’s world learning is a constant journey and if you want to have a career for the long-term then it is highly imperative on you to master the next big technology in order to stay ahead of the rest of the pack.

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