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Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academia

First digest this fact – “every year over 15 lakh engineers graduate from Indian technical institutes but only 20% of this lot is actually employable”. As startling as this might sound, it is a reality that most unemployed engineering graduates unwittingly find themselves getting the short end of the stick. So who is to blame for this sorry condition? – the education system, the industry expectation or is it the burgeoning population of India that is to blame. Well, the answers might not be easy to pinpoint but there is a silver lining amidst all this dark ominous cloud.

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The internet has been one of the greatest leaps in the progress of our civilization next only to the invention of electricity. With the rapid progress of internet-related technologies, new ways of doing business have changed our society forever. Today we are in the midst of a major revolution and on the cusp of a boom largely driven by the SMAC (Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud) technologies.

Read about why SMAC’s demand is growing with time in our comprehensive blog on Rising Demand for SMAC Skills in IT Firms.

Big Data is the new normal that most organizations have had to get used to whether they liked it or not. Find out what are the expectations of the industry from Big Data professionals in this insightful blog. Information is the new currency and the biggest corporations of today are those that have learnt to reap its rewards in hitherto unheard ways and grow at a blitzkrieg pace.

So as a fresh graduate out of a technical institute today where do you stand in the grand scheme of things? Take a moment to ponder the question. Chances are it will scare the living daylights out of you. But fret not, if you have the will you can take charge of your career with the right training and assistance in a domain of your choice.

With The Right Planning it is Easier Than You Think

industry Training.

So you have an engineering degree but that isn’t worth much without the right industry-oriented training and the professional certifications. Do you know that today every business is somehow trying to morph itself into a software company? The reason is simple – internet penetration is everywhere, smartphones are ubiquitous, every customer wants a world-class experience on par with that offered by the best across industries, like Apple and Amazon. So changing to become more customer-focused is the only logical choice left for companies from manufacturing to real estate in order to stay in business.

The one common string that ties all companies today is Big Data. Our speed of data generation today is growing at an exponential rate. There is competition everywhere, customers are getting demanding, and companies are being disrupted like there is no tomorrow.

Want to get a definitive understanding about Big Data and Hadoop? Learn more in this Hadoop Tutorial.

Here’s a grim fact – “Since 2000, 52% of the companies in the Fortune 500 List have either gone bankrupt, been acquired or ceased to exist.”

The rapid rate of digitization is changing industry dynamics. Companies like Uber and Airbnb are disrupting whole industries just by the power of their technology and by harnessing Big Data. Now this changes everything – including the way organizations hire and fire. This is the new normal and the faster you get used to it, the better it is for your career in the long run.

Digital literacy is not optional anymore, it is critical to your career regardless of the domain in which you are working.

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

Be Industry-Ready With These Highly Sought-After Domain Expertise

  • There is a big shortage of Big Data professionals and you can qualify yourself for this domain with the right skills.

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  • Software coding skills are in much demand regardless of the industry type thanks to a world economy that is revolving around a digital core.

Get the Python Programming Training Course

  • Most of this software will be residing in the cloud thanks to the cloud’s inherent advantages of cost, accessibility, maintenance and scalability.

Get the Amazon Web Services Training Course  

  • Marketing for most businesses has gone completely digital due to the rapid rise of smartphones, social media, app ecosystem, among other things.

Get the Digital Marketing Training Course

  • Over 1.4 billion smartphones were shipped in 2015 alone and it is expected that over 6 billion people will be using a smartphone by 2020.

Get the Mobile Development Training Course

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