How to Make Your Own GPT | Creating Custom GPTs

How to Make Your Own GPT | Creating Custom GPTs

In this blog, we will learn how you can create your own version of ChatGPT i.e., custom GPTs that specialize in doing custom tasks that people often look for on the internet. These custom GPTs allow a common audience to use the prompt engineering of experts. Let’s explore how you can create your own custom GPTs with the help of ChatGPT4 and release them on the GPT store.

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How to Create a Custom GPT in ChatGPT4 

OpenAI has introduced a new update in ChatGPT4 that allows you to create your own version of GPT that specializes in doing some particular tasks. It can help you if you do some repetitive tasks in a day or you want the responses on GPT to be in a customized manner.

Let’s see the steps for creating custom GPT:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Now click on Explore

Steps to create a Custom GPT

Step 3: Click on Create a GPT

Steps to create a Custom GPT

Step 4: Write the Prompt in the GPT Builder : Put in Your Strategy

A new window will appear, as given below. Now, write a prompt on the left-hand side for which you want to make a Custom GPT.

GPT builder

Let’s say we want to create a custom GPT to decide Indian baby names based on their dates and astrological charts. The important step here is prompt writing.

Here’s a sample prompt for the same: 

Develop a GPT-based AI model capable of suggesting traditional Indian names by analyzing an individual's birth date and Janam Kundli. The model should integrate astrological insights and cultural significance associated with various Indian names. It must consider planetary positions, astrological signs, and traditional beliefs tied to the birth date and Janam Kundli for generating names that align with the astrological readings. The model should also include a feature to understand the regional and linguistic preferences of the user to suggest names that are culturally relevant and meaningful. Additionally, the model should be trained on a diverse dataset of Indian names, astrological interpretations, and cultural contexts to ensure accuracy and relevance in its suggestions.

Step 5: The GPT builder takes your prompt as input and starts building.

Building Process of Custom GPT

Step 6: Name your GPT and add a sample picture.

ChatGPT will also give you an idea of how to name your own GPT. If you like that name, you can choose it; otherwise, you can provide the GPT name as per your choice. 

Giving Name to your Custom GPT

Step 7: Click on ‘Save’ in the top right corner.

Your Custom GPT is ready. You can test it on the right-hand side. Also, if you want to add some more features to it, you can add more prompts on the left-hand side of the GPT builder.

Test your Custom GPT

Here’s how your final render of a custom GPT will look.

Final Output of Created Custom GPT

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How to Edit Your Custom GPT

To edit your custom GPT, go to Explore and open your custom GPT.

Now, on the top left corner, click on the ‘Dropdown Arrow’ and then click Edit GPT, as shown in the image below.

How to edit your Custom GPT?

How to Access ChatGPT Store

To access GPT store, just go to

The store comprises thousands of custom-created GPTs by the creators. You can also browse the GPTs based on the creator’s name.

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How to Release or Publish Your Custom GPT in the ChatGPT Store

To release or publish your custom GPTs to a common audience, follow these steps:
Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on Submit GPT in the top right corner.

Submit Custom GPTs

Step 3: Provide the URL or link to your custom GPT and click on Submit.

How to Release or Publish Your Custom GPT in the GPT Store

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How can I benefit from creating custom GPTs?

By becoming a creator and creating good GPTs, you can be known to a global audience, just like Google Play Store app developers.

Can I earn money by creating custom GPTs?

OpenAI has plans to reward the creators by sharing the revenue generated through them. In the coming months, the creators will be able to see this happen.

Is there any performance or quality comparison between custom GPTs and GPT4?

As custom GPTs are made to perform specific tasks, they outperform GPT4 in that specific task due to enriched prompts, but in any general task, it is advisable to use GPT4 only.