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How to Group Tabs in Chrome: Windows + Android

How to Group Tabs in Chrome: Windows + Android

Tabs are an integral part of our browsing experience, allowing us to multitask and organize our online activities. In this blog, we’ll explore how to group tabs on both Windows and Android platforms, ensuring a seamless transition between your desktop and mobile browsing.

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Why to Group Tabs in Chrome

Grouping tabs in Chrome can be a useful organizational tool, especially for users who work with multiple open tabs simultaneously. It offers several advantages, enhancing both organization and productivity. By categorizing open tabs based on topics or projects, users can reduce clutter and easily manage their browsing. 

Additionally, grouping tabs helps to lower cognitive load by breaking down browsing into more manageable sections and improving focus. The visual clarity provided by colored labels for tab groups aids in quick identification, and this organization proves useful for users employing tab features such as pinning (keeping a tab permanently open) or freezing (temporarily pausing a tab’s activity). 

Chrome’s feature to save and restore tab groups as sessions streamlines session management, enabling users to reopen specific sets of tabs without the need for manual retrieval and reopening. Overall, tab grouping in Chrome contributes to a more streamlined and personalized browsing experience.

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How to Group Tabs in Chrome 

You can efficiently organize your browsing experience in Google Chrome by utilizing the tab grouping feature. Let’s learn how to group tabs to enhance productivity, reduce clutter, and streamline your online workflow.

Form Tab Groups

To organize your browsing experience by grouping tabs to maintain related pages in a unified workspace, simply follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have multiple tabs open.

2. Right-click on any tab and select “Add tab to new group”.

Add tab as a group in google chrome 

3. A new tab group will be created. You can name the group by clicking on the group name.

Creating a New group of tabs in Google Chrome

4. To add tabs to an existing group, simply slide the tabs onto the group. You can also right-click on a tab and select Add to Group, and then choose the group you want to add it to.

Adding a tab to existing group in Google Chrome

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Label and Colorize Chrome Tab Groups

When you make a group, all its tabs might get the same color. To easily spot groups, give them different colors.

1. To change the color of a tab group, right-click on the group name and select Choose color.

2. A color picker will appear. Select the color you want and click OK.

3. The tab group will now be colored.

Set Color to group of tabs in Google Chrome

Minimize Tab Groups

A single click is all it takes to minimize a tab group when you want more space.

1. To minimize a tab group, simply click on the group name. The tabs in the group will be collapsed into a single tab.

2. To expand a minimized tab group, click on the group name again.

Minimize Tab Groups in Google Chrome

Rearrange Tab Groups

1. To rearrange tab groups, simply click and drag the groups to the desired location.

2. You can also right-click on a tab group and select “Move group to new window” to move it to the next window.

Rearrange Tab Groups in Google Chrome 

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How to Stay Focused with Group Tabs in Chrome

Staying focused in the age of distractions is a challenge, but Google Chrome’s tab groups can help. By grouping related tabs together, you can reduce clutter and make it easier to find the information you need. Following are some tips for using Chrome’s tab grouping feature to stay focused:

  • Use Groups to Separate Tasks: Group tabs based on specific tasks, projects, or topics to keep your workstreams corralled. For example, “Research Paper 1”, “Trip Planning”, “Job Application Tasks”. This segments  what you’re actively working on.
  • Name Groups Meaningfully: Use names that remind you what task the tabs relate to rather than vague names like “Group 1”. Meaningful names like “Math Homework” help put your mind back in the relevant context.
  • Assign Group Colors: Color code groups so that types of tasks have a visual association. Make work projects red, personal tasks blue, etc. The colors will help you map the task type.
  • Close Irrelevant Groups: Keeping only actively relevant tab groups removes distracting tabs from view. Close completed groups to clean up mental clutter.
  • Reorder Groups by Priority: Keep the highest-priority tab groups on top. Reorder as priorities change. 
  • Embrace Hiding Groups: Use the collapse arrow to temporarily hide groups when focusing solely on one task. Less open tabs = less distraction. 

How to Save Your Group Tabs

Following are the steps to save your tab groups in Google Chrome:

1. Click on the three vertically stacked dots to the right of the address bar in your Chrome browser.

2. Select “Settings” from the menu.

Save Tab Groups in Google Chrome 

3. In the left-hand Settings menu, click on “On startup.”

4. Choose “Continue where you left off.”

Setup Tab Groups in Google Chrome

Now, when you close Google Chrome and open a new window, your tabs will be preserved in their respective groups. It’s important to note that this method works effectively only if the window with your tab groups is the last one you closed before quitting Google Chrome.

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How to Group Your Google Chrome Tabs on Android

The following steps will help you use the tab groups feature on Google Chrome for Android:

1. Open Google Chrome and access the tab switcher menu at the top.

2. Tap the three-dot menu at the top and choose “Select tabs.”

3. Pick the tabs you wish to group and tap the three-dot menu again. Select “Group tabs.”

Group Tabs in Android
Group Tabs in Android
Group Tabs in Android

5. Additionally, you can create a group by dragging and dropping one tab onto another.

Rearrange Group Tabs in Android
Rearrange Group Tabs in Android
Rearrange Group Tabs in Android


Tab grouping in Google Chrome provides an effective solution for users seeking better tab organization and navigation. Whether you’re using Chrome on Windows or Android, the process is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to tailor your browsing experience to your preferences. By taking advantage of tab grouping, you can maintain a clutter-free workspace and enjoy a more streamlined and efficient online experience on all your devices.

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