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Best Product Management Courses in India to Enroll

Best Product Management Courses in India to Enroll

In this blog, we will talk about the top product management courses in India and their advantages. We hope this blog will help you apply for your desired course. Product managers earn an average income of INR 16,69,290. With experience, their salary can increase from INR 16,00,000 to INR 30,00,000. You will be the next one in line to earn this income with the right choice of course.

What is Product Management?

Product management is a role that oversees a product’s entire lifecycle, including development, positioning, and pricing. It prioritizes the product and its customers. Product managers work to create the best product by representing customers within the organization. They also ensure that the market’s voice is listened to and followed.

Product teams consistently deliver better and more useful products because they prioritize the customer. In the tech industry, newer and better solutions quickly replace established products. To succeed, it’s important to understand customers and create personalized solutions for them. That’s where product management comes in.

Below is a table of the top product management certifications in India, along with their fees.

NoCourse NameProviderFeesDuration
1Certificate Program in Product ManagementIIM, IndoreINR 3 lakh6 Months
2Product Management Certification IntellipaatINR 50 thousand6 Months
3Advanced Executive Certificate in Product ManagementIIT, GuwahatiINR 2 lakh11 Months
4Brand and Product Management CourseraINR 803713 Hours

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Top Product Management Courses in India 

You can find many online product management courses, but all might not be the right fit for you. To gain a competitive advantage, choose the right product management school. Some recognized universities in India offer certification courses online. We have picked the best courses for you to find a product management certification that fits your budget and career goals.

1. Certificate Program in Product Management (IIM, Indore)

IIM Indore is an excellent place to learn product management skills and earn certifications. There are nine courses. They teach students and professionals about product management. The courses cover product specification, realization, marketing, and manufacturing. If you’re already ahead in your career and want to learn specific skills, the product management courses cover all aspects of a product’s life cycle, including generating ideas, innovating, implementing, industrializing, and improving. 


  • Graduation or post-graduation with a minimum of 50% from an accredited institution
  • At least 2 years of professional experience in any domain or industry

What Makes PGCP in Product Management Unique?

  • Professors from IIM-Indore and specialists from Jigsaw Academy co-delivered the program.
  • The only program in the nation that allows BYOP (bring your own product)
  • Ten or more case studies that are both local and global
  • Project evaluation for business feasibility & marketability by industry experts
  • Batch immersion for peer-to-peer learning & project presentation at the end of the program 

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2.  Product Management Certification with Intellipaat

Intellipaat offers a course that can be added to the top product management courses in India. The product management certification in India aligns with the industry and helps students become experts in the field. This course stands out among other product management courses in India. It helps students learn core concepts from industry experts.


  • Individuals with a bachelor’s degree
  • Freshers who aspire to build their careers in the field of product management
  • Developers, designers, and product specialists
  • Marketing professionals looking to learn product management

What Makes Product Management Certification Unique?

  • Learn from Intellipaat faculty and industry practitioners
  • One-on-one with industry mentors
  • 3 guaranteed interviews by Intellipaat
  • 20+ industry projects and case studies
  • 24*7 support by professionals

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3. Advanced Executive Certificate in Product Management (IIT, Guwahati)

IIT, Guwahati, and Edureka offer a course in product management for participants worldwide. This certification program helps participants become product management experts. They help organizations make more money by increasing sales, creating new business streams, and improving profitability. In just 11 months, this certification program will teach you how to find opportunities and come up with product ideas. You’ll also learn how to plan and develop products, as well as strategy and analytics. 


  • Applicants must pass a preliminary check
  • Get personalized career guidance to help you with your job search and career growth.

What Makes Product Management Certification Unique?

  • Experience the campus
  • Personalized career support services
  • Prepare for the role
  • Build domain expertise


National participants pay INR 2 lakh, and international participants pay USD 3,500. 

4. Duke Corporate Education with upGrad

To apply for certification in product management from Duke Corporate Education and upGrad, you must be a postgraduate. It is a 6 to 10.5 months course and comes with support and placement opportunities. 


  • The applicant should have a graduate degree

What Makes Product Management Certification Unique?

  • Weekend live sessions
  • 15+ personalized industry sessions
  • Exclusive job opportunities portal


A compulsory six-month base program costs close to INR 1.95 lakh. The cost and length of extra courses, such as product management growth and AI ML solutions, keep increasing. 

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5. Brand and Product Management on Coursera

The main goal of this course is to find important information for creating a product and brand plan. In this course, you will learn important concepts such as analyzing competitors, estimating product demand, and building brand identity. Additionally, you’ll explore topics such as brand equity, customer experience, and brand engagement. After finishing this course, you can make a plan to bring your brand strategy to life. This plan will work for both consumers and employees. When you implement your product and brand strategy, you can choose the best measurements for success. You should also think about making changes if you use the test-and-learn method.


  • No previous experience necessary (Beginner Level)

What Makes Product Management Certification Unique?

  • Gain a basic understanding of a subject or tool
  • Develop job-relevant skills with practical projects

6. Product Management 101 on Udemy

Product Management 101 helps you become a strategic product manager with a great impact on your company and products. This course covers market intelligence, strategy, new product development, and lifecycle management. Best practices for working with development teams, finding deep customer insight, and positioning, pricing, and managing products are discussed. Designed for product managers with 0–5 years of experience and aspiring product managers.


  • No previous experience is necessary (Beginner Level)

What Makes Product Management Certification Unique?

  • Examine the scope of product management, which includes software, hardware, services, and analytics
  • Learn the best practices of the work of product management


This course costs ₹3,199, after a discount by Udemy it will cost ₹389.

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7. Product Management with edX

In this course, you will explore how product managers succeed by understanding their roles and responsibilities. You’ll look at the important skills needed for those responsibilities. You’ll learn the usual tasks of a product manager, plus common frameworks and strategies.


  • No previous experience is necessary (Beginner Level)

What Makes Product Management Certification Unique?

  • You can try a course before you pay
  • Learn with university partners


  • Product Management with edX course costs ₹93,098. 


Getting a product management certificate is a good investment because the need for product managers is growing. Product managers are called “mini-CEOs” of products. They guide a product’s lifecycle from idea to launch and beyond.

Jobs in product management are expanding quickly in India. More than 32,000 product management positions were available on LinkedIn by mid-2023. In the upcoming years, it is anticipated that this number will keep rising. In India, a product manager typically earns ₹26,51,022 annually. This is considerably more than India’s average yearly wage.

Project management necessitates a great deal of expertise in numerous fields. Because the degree is valuable, many people who wish to be product managers enroll in programs for product management certification.

Course Schedule

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