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Product Manager Job Description [2024]

Product Manager Job Description [2024]

In the fast-paced world of today, each task has a specific designation. When it comes to managing the product, the industry created a designation called Product Manager.

Suppose a company wants to build a product with respect to its customers’ needs. Here in this situation, the product manager will step into the scene and play his part in drawing the roadmap of the product and in introducing it to the market.

In this blog, we will focus on giving an effective description of the role.

Let me give you an animated version of the subject so you can familiarise yourself with the goal of the blog,

Product Management

What is the need for managing the product? Can’t it be done while creating it? Well was there a need for technology? No, right? Still, it came into existence and eased the life of humans. The same is the case for product management.

Product management is a system that represents all four stages of a product’s lifespan, commencing with its debut and continuing through its growth, maturity, and eventual departure from the market. Now the question arises who are the ones who manage products? Let’s find the answer to the question.

Who is a Product Manager?

When the entity called product management came into existence, it opened the opportunity to be a Product Manager.

The Product Manager sits between the responsibilities of tech, business, and user experience and manages the product starting from its stage of being just an idea till it really exists.

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Product Managers are the one who articulates what a winning product looks like. The person who determines the customer demand and the bigger business goals that a product will accomplish is a product manager.

Sounds easy? Product managers may have to dedicate 12 hours of their day to their work, despite the fact that it seems simple. Let’s learn more about the duties of the product manager.

What are the Roles of the Product Manager?

When does product management start? You might say, “Obviously, after the product is created then only it will be managed”, but this is not the situation. The task of the product manager starts at the moment when the idea of a product creation comes into the stage of execution.

The very first task of the product manager is to create a roadmap for the product. One of the primary tasks for the product is to create a high-level vision and explicitly communicate it to the development team.

Depending on the organization’s size, different tasks are assigned to different people. For example, product managers are integrated into teams of specialists in larger firms.

They all collaborate to ensure that there is zero chance of error in any area of the product, whether it be development, operations, consumer requests, or product finances.

The tasks of the product manager include identifying and communicating user requirements, creating a product vision while encouraging team unity, and finally taking a comprehensive look at the product’s benefits and flaws.

Now, is it looking like an easy task? No, right? The expectations of the job are high however, the incentives are even higher. Have a look at the Product Manager’s Salary in 2022. So if the hard work is paying a handsome amount it is worth doing.

Explore these Project Management Interview Questions and ace your next interview with ease!

Skills Required to Become a Product Manager

Skills Required to become a Product Manager

Doing the above-mentioned tasks and roles is not a cup of tea for everyone! One should have skills to attain any rank in any organization so should the deal with the product manager.

  • Writing Technical Requirements and Specifications

A key component of a product manager’s job is to generate ideas for new and improved products.

For effective product management, they must put all of the product’s technical specifications and requirements in the format of a written document.

  • Knowing the Environment of the Market

The ability to perform thorough market research is a requirement for becoming a skilled product manager.

Market research is essential when designing a new product since it helps determine whether there is a target market or audience for the product.

It also gives the organization a clear picture of how well the product will do in the market.

  • Outstanding Negotiating Abilities

Whether it is about finding the cheapest freelancer or agency to do the work or finding the cheapest fix for a problem, the product manager is expected to do these tasks without a wrinkle on their forehead.

If you know how to overcome obstacles as a product manager, it will be simpler for you to manage everything.

  • Great Speaking Skills

Product managers need to communicate and coordinate with internal and external partners of the product throughout its lifecycle. Thus, the ability to communicate with others is much more fundamental.

  • Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills

In order for the product manager to forecast how the product will perform in the market, it is crucial for them to examine the data and look at everything from every viewpoint.

Ensuring that their judgment is not influenced by any type of false information so that they can provide their clients with accurate service that will benefit them for their business.

  • Flexibility

In the realm of product management, priorities can change every day.

To guarantee that products are developed and released in a timely and effective manner, product managers must possess the ability to prioritize tasks.

They should be up to date with the changes in their industry and must maintain flexibility.

These tasks, nowadays are done with the help of tools that are used by Product Managers, have a glimpse of them with our video.

A product manager’s job necessitates a blend of technical, managerial, and interpersonal skills. As mentioned above these are the must-have skills. To carve your future into product management, start refining your skills.

Will only the skills land you your job? Well, not in this demanding world! The one who will stand out in the crowd will get the opportunity. So, let’s discuss what qualifications you can add to your resume to get a job as a product manager.


The product manager does not have a dynamic background, they have to be from an engineering or business background only. A relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree in Business administration or engineering brings ease in preparing for the product manager post.

2-5 years of field experience in product development or testing will act as a cherry on top. An associate product manager is the very first step toward the goal of a product manager, giving it a year or two will let you earn more. Try to fetch an internship and bring weightage to your resume.

Intellipaat provides a Product Management Course that will help you build your resume with an industry-certified certificate.

Future Scope of Product Management

The future is coming sooner than we think and it is looking brighter for product managers. As a result, the demand for product management is increasing.

The need for knowledgeable product managers who are versatile all-rounders and are familiar with the complexities of product concept and design, development, and marketing will be driven by businesses. Hence it has a huge scope.

Through the Product Manager Interview Questions blog, prepare yourself for this job interview.


We’ve looked at the duties, responsibilities, and skills you can often find in product manager job descriptions, including junior and senior roles. Now, with a clear picture of the job description,  keeping the specific consideration in mind you can start preparing for the post of product manager.

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