Ajay’s Success Story

Analysing this data can provide many helpful insights and Ajay knew that anyone skilled in Hadoop would be able to capitalise on the growing need for data analysts. His search for the most reputable institute for Hadoop training led him to Intellipaat.

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Career Transition

I am an MBA graduate with a decade of experience. I have worked for many large corporations over the years and have realised that they generate mountains of data. This data, if not analysed well, can make companies miss out on a lot of actionable insights. I understood that becoming a data analyst would provide a very positive transition to my career trajectory. After searching for the best institute to learn Hadoop from, I ended up finding out about Intellipaat and learning that their course is made to provide all the skills needed to become a successful data analyst. This is why I chose Intellipaa for my upskilling goals.

Journey with Intellipaat

I enrolled in the course provided by Intellipaat and got to learn Hadoop and all its essentials in great detail. I was provided with constant support from the tram with any of my questions and doubts. The most amazing thing was the quick resolution provided by the team at all times of the day. Not only that, the course material provided to me with the course is available for a lifetime, and that comes with support from Intellipaat.


Intellipaat provided all that I was looking for in my upskilling journey. The course material was great, the support provided was excellent, and all-in-all it was a great learning experience. I now know almost everything there is to know about big data analysis, and this is all thanks to Intellipaat. I would like to recommend Intellipaat to all those looking to upskill.

Course Schedule

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Big Data Course 20 Jul 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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Big Data Course 27 Jul 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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Big Data Course 03 Aug 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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