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Vishal understood that learning big data and how to analyse it would be a plus in the current market. He started looking for institutes that could teach him all that he wanted to learn. He chose the big data course from Intellipaat. His motivation for taking the course was to make the most of emerging market opportunities and upgrade his career. Find out how Intellipaat helped him do so.

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Career Transition Story

I wanted to learn more about big data because I knew that it was experiencing constant growth in demand. I realised that being a big data professional would help me position myself better in the market. I started searching for institutes that would provide me with a course to my liking. On researching online, I found Intellipaat had the most comprehensive course material. To test the course content, I randomly picked a few samples from the course and found it to be extremely systematic and consistent, and I was delighted with it.

Journey With Intellipaat

Intellipaat made my learning journey extremely delightful and smooth. The course material and the trainers were the highlights of the course. I found the teaching approach to be systematic, reliable, and to have a logical flow throughout the course as I was taking it. This improved my understanding of the ideas, materials, and demands of the big data industry. All of my queries were answered quickly, demonstrating the exceptional quality of Intellipaat’s query resolution and support. The course material, which included PDFs, videos, and virtual machines (VMs), allowed me to gain practical experience with big data. The way the virtual machines were set up for the course made me very happy. I had no trouble setting up the virtual machines and understanding the course material.


My education in big data technology has been aided by Intellipaat, which has provided me with a daily industry perspective on the advancements. I believe that using this flexible platform, one can quickly learn the material. I feel like I have learned so much, and I want to tell everyone who wants to improve their skills about Intellipaat.

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Big Data Course 22 Jun 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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Big Data Course 29 Jun 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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Big Data Course 06 Jul 2024(Sat-Sun) Weekend Batch
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