Vishal’s Success Story

Vishal’s journey with Intellipaat is one of learning and self-improvement. Let us point out in this blog how Intellipaat helped Vishal reach new heights in his career.  

In this interview we will discuss the following: 

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Career Transition Story

I am an MCA graduate and have worked for many corporations, handling large sets of data. I  developed many applications to process raw data and find actionable insights from it. I soon realised that such large volumes of data were difficult for anyone to grasp, including the corporations I worked for. Looking to improve my knowledge of big data, my research brought him to Intellipaat. I enrolled in the big data Hadoop training course because I realised that would take me to the next step in my career.

Journey with Intellipaat

My journey with Intellipaat began when I realised that the large data sets I was working on had much more vital information than I could figure out. I realised that learning Hadoop would train me better at understanding these data sets, and my research led me to Intelipaat and their big data course. Having completed the course, I upgraded my career and became a big data analyst.


My choice to get trained in big data analytics from Intellipaat was a great one. Intellipaat offered me the chance to get certified and also provided help with placement services. Not only that, the Intellipaat team offered me a learning coordinator and also cleared my doubts at all times.

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