Ranjan’s Success Story

Ranjan is a software engineer with nearly a decade of experience. He enrolled in Intellipaat’s course on big data and made a successful career transition. In this blog, we will tell how Intellipaat was so important for his amazing career transition.

In this interview we will discuss the following: 

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Career Transition Story

I chose the Hadoop Architect course because I wanted to keep myself updated in the IT industry. This is the reason why I was looking for a learning provider who could teach me all the important concepts in big data, especially Hadoop. I found a demo video from Intellipaat and really liked it. I chose to enroll in the big data course at Intellipaat.

Journey with Intellipaat

The course material offered by Intellipaat was absolutely fantastic! I still find myself referring to it quite often. I really like the fact that the course material is available for a lifetime. Not only that, but the support team at Intellipaat is also extremely great. I would raise doubts and queries at any odd hour, and they would still make sure to resolve them within no time. I would mail doubts I used to have on the course, and I would get a reply within 5 minutes. I was quite impressed with their dedication. According to me, lifetime access and lifetime upgrades are features that set Intellipaat apart from other e-learning providers. On my recommendation, my friend has taken a course here.


This was a great learning experience for me. This big data course provided me with the skills I needed in the field of big data. I really enjoyed the support, and I really appreciated the availability of the course material for a lifetime. I would like to recommend Intellipaat to all who are looking for a successful career transition.

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