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What is Salesforce Security Token and How to Find It?

What is Salesforce Security Token and How to Find It?


CRM software as a service was how Salesforce got its start (SaaS). Now, customers have a range of software solutions to pick from, and Salesforce also provides a platform where users and developers can produce unique software and share it.

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What is Salesforce?

  • Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that provides tools and services to create useful customer experiences.
  • The multi-tenant design of Salesforce, which was developed as software-as-a-service (SaaS), offers benefits including API Integration, configuration, scalability, free capacity, low cost of ownership, platform support, and more.
  • Salesforce, one of the main providers of customer relationship management (CRM) services, provides an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that can be used for marketing automation, finances, human resource management, and other uses.
  • Customer 360, the totality of our product line, unifies your marketing, support, advertising, economics, and IT departments and enables you to improve ties with both customers and staff by providing a single, shared view of customer information.
  • Regardless of the application or plan, Salesforce delivers a basic, understandable user experience that is easy to use.
  • All licenses also come with access to online training and demos, which will assist you in getting started.
  • All new customers can also take advantage of a free 30-day trial; no credit card information is needed up front, and no software needs to be installed.

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Why Salesforce?

  • Security
    • One of the most important components of firms using CRM is data protection.
    • Data security has been one of Salesforce’s main areas of concentration since it was founded.
    • This is essential because many CRMs don’t take business-related data security breaches seriously.
    • Salesforce is a very dependable and safe piece of software since it has built-in security measures that help business owners manage who has access to their data within their organisation.
  • Ecosystem
    • The most well-liked and cost-free apps are available to you once you sign up as a Salesforce AppExchange partner.
    • Additionally, Salesforce apps can be developed and sold individually.
    • You also have access to a number of tools that make it easy for you to utilize.

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What is Salesforce Security Token?

  • To access Salesforce through API, a password and an alphanumeric key known as a Salesforce security token are required.
  • The token’s purpose is to boost security between the user and Salesforce.com in the event that a user’s account is compromised.
  • It guarantees, among some other things, that a third party cannot access Salesforce via an API or from an unsecured network if a user’s account information is stolen.
  • Only a user’s security token and password can be used to visit Salesforce. According to the application, there are two methods for entering the security token
  • Without using a space, the code has been added to the last off your password.
  • Both the tokens and login must be entered into various fields.

Why does Salesforce.com use security tokens?

  • For users and external programmes, Force.com has had an additional layer of availability.
  • A security tokens must be added at the end of passwords if the user is developing a web service that makes usage of the Web services API or using a toolset like Info Loader or the Force.com IDE.
  • Security tokens are added to Crm passwords in the event that now the IP address exceeds the trusted IP range.
  • A security token is not required is if IP address is found in a trusted range.
  • The automatic classification of a security token uses a 24-character alphanumeric string.
  • They take the situation into account.
  • Even when a new security token needs to be issued, a security token is never utilised more than once.

What are the security token’s uses?

  • The security token all must come exactly after the password.
  • The user must enter “passwordxyzabc” if their freshly generated authentication token is “xyzabc” and their old password is “password.”
  • When upgrading the admin privileges, we must exercise extreme caution because it could interfere with currently running apps and lock out users.
  • A fresh “API-only” user should be created, with its passwords set to never expire for external apps.

Your Salesforce Security Token must be reset

  • A client’s security token also resets when they change their password.
  • This combination will also not work if Salesforce was connected to external applications using that client’s security token.
  • Every time you change the password for the account used to communicate with Salesforce and other applications, you will surely need to provide your new security token again.

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Deactivated user security tokens

  • The security token of a customer who has been deactivated in Salesforce is invalidated because they no longer have a substantial Salesforce client account.
  • Additionally, this would lead to the failure of API mixes that depend on the security token of the deactivated client.

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Where to Look in Salesforce to Find the Security Token

  • A security token is necessary for login while using the Salesforce API.
  • A security token is an alpha – numeric with specific instance that you can use in your passwords or enter in a distinct field in a client application.
  • Your settings or profile do not show your security token.
  • You would have received it through mail when you initially set up your account or the most recent occasion you reset your password.
  • When you modify your password, you get an email with a new security token. Your token can also be reset independently.
  • After being reset, your old token is no longer recognised by desktop clients and API applications.
  • In Salesforce Classic, when viewed
  • When viewed in Salesforce Classic

Go to My Settings –> Personal –> Reset My Security Token.

  • Log into My Settings and select Personal. My Security Token Must Be Reset.
  • Hit the Reset Security Token button:

The email address listed in your Salesforce personal settings receives the new security token.

  • Experience: Lighting

Navigate to Settings -> Personal Information -> Reset My Security Token

  • How do I locate my security token in Salesforce or how do I reset it?

To reset the security token, click. The email address listed in your Salesforce personal settings receives the new security token.


Salesforce’s growth is predicted to accelerate as long as the business keeps spending money on innovative technologies and sales tools. Additionally, the proliferation of mobile salesforce apps is assisting the growth of salesforce as companies search for ways to boost productivity and efficiency.

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