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What Are The Map Methods Available in Salesforce?

What Are The Map Methods Available in Salesforce?


Salesforce got its start as a Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM provider. Salesforce now provides users with a variety of software choices as well as a platform on which users and developers can develop and share original software.

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What is Salesforce?

  • In order to help businesses sell their services and market their products like never before, Salesforce provided the world’s top CRM platform. Your ability to interact with your customers in a completely new way is made possible by the customer success platform.
  • Salesforce develops and supports customer relationship management (CRM) applications that let companies use cloud computing to connect with partners and clients globally from any location at any time. Companies can easily track customer activity and give support, revenue, and branding using the Salesforce CRM to increase customer satisfaction.

Why Salesforce?

Why Salesforce?

One of the many reasons to choose Salesforce is Data Security:

  • Data Security

Data security is a top priority for most businesses these days. Customer data misuse and a lack of security against opportunistic hackers are no longer acceptable.

Security is one of Salesforce’s top priorities. Because of this, Salesforce CRM comes with a number of built-in data security features.

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  • In the Cloud

The fact that Salesforce is cloud-based is the main argument in favor of switching. Cloud-based software providers are far and away the best in the modern digital marketplace.

Anywhere there is an internet connection, a CRM that is cloud-based can be accessed.

  • Innovation

Salesforce business leaders are constantly looking for novel ways to enhance their products and services, including partnering with businesses and spending money on product upgrades incorporating cutting-edge technologies like AI, Bigdata, and ML to boost the product’s overall performance.

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What are Maps in Salesforce?

  • A map is a key-value pair, meaning each value has a corresponding key. Since the key, in this case, is distinct, adding the same key more than once would be inappropriate.
  • If a key already exists in a map and you attempt to add it again with a different value, the old value will take precedence over the new value.
  • The term “map” on Salesforce refers to a collection of key-value pairs, so it can control data types like primitive data, Apex objects, and sObjects, among others. When it comes to wisely using Salesforce map methods, there are a plethora of options.
  • A map is a very helpful feature of Salesforce that allows you to quickly find anything you’re looking for with just the touch of a key, but it’s important to note that some keys have dual purposes.
  • Understanding which map is in charge of which function is therefore crucial. The explanation of the maps and the map methods are covered below.

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  • In other terms, A map is a grouping of classes, each of which contains a number of elements. It is a pair of keys and values.
  • Every element on the map has a key and a value. Value can be duplicated, but the key should be unique.
  • Dynamic memory allocation is supported. It’s similar to a collection of key-value pairs, where each key (unique) corresponds to a single value. Any data type can be used for keys and values.

Key Points to be noted about maps:

  • A map key can contain the null value.
  • The old entry with the matching key is replaced by the new entry when a new map entry is added to the map with a key that matches an existing key.
  • Keys in a string map are case-sensitive. If only case difference separates two keys, then they are regarded as unique and have corresponding distinct Map entries. Because of this, each of the Map’s put, get, containsKey, and remove methods treat these keys independently.

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Map Methods in Salesforce

Map Methods in Salesforce
  • get(Key) returns the value associated with that key.

Chandigarh appears when StateWithCapitalMap.get(“Punjab”) returns “Punjab”

  • values(): This function returns the set of values that the map contains.
  • containsKey(key): This method allows us to determine whether a key is present on the Map or not. If the key is present in the apex map, it will return true.

An illustration is StateWithCapitalMap.containsKey(“Punjab”);true

  • clone(): This function returns a duplicate copy of the map.
  • isEmpty() returns true if the map has no key-value pairs.

an illustration would be StateWithCapitalMap.isEmpty() /false.

  • size(): This function returns the total number of key-value pairs in the map.
  • keySet(): This function returns the set of keys that the map contains.
  • put(): This method allows us to add new key-value pairs to a map.

‘Chandigarh’ is the corresponding value for the key ‘Punjab’ in the following example: StateWithCapitalMap.put(‘Punjab, ‘Chandigarh’);

  • clear(): Eliminates every pair of key-value mappings from the map.


Today, Salesforce is one of the world’s top cloud computing service providers. Customers never voice complaints about their services. By offering their services, they ensure that their clients are happy. They maintain close ties with significant businesses like Dell, Intel, and Oracle. Many businesses demonstrate that they have grown by working with Salesforce. Salesforce offers a limitless number of services to organizations, teams, groups, and individuals. Every day, millions of users on their own anonymous social performance service platform complete their tasks.

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