Dileep Vuppaladhadiam
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Dileep Vuppaladhadiam has 12 years of work experience as a manager in HSBC. His work involves in managing program office, project management office mainly dealing in finance, investment banking among others.

“My motivation for doing the course was to make the best of the emerging market opportunities and upgrade my career” says Dileep

On researching online, he found Intellipaat had the most comprehensive course material. To test the course content, he randomly picked few samples from the course and found it to be extremely systematic, consistent and he was therefore very delighted with it.

While doing the course, he found the method of teaching faculty to be systematic, consistent and consisting of a logical flow throughout the course. This helped him to deeply grasp the concepts, course content, and the needs of big data industry. He finds the query resolution and support of Intellipaat to be exceedingly good as his queries were resolved promptly. He got hands-on experience in big data through the online material like PDFs, videos and virtual machines (VMs).

He was very happy with the way the VMs were organized in the course. Within no time, he could configure the VMs and easily follow the course material. Intellipaat helped him to know the advances in big data technology on a day-to-day basis on the ground level from the industry’s perspective. He feels that by using this flexible platform one can learn the course in a very little time.

“I feel my knowledge curve has grown tremendously” says Dileep

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