Javed Shiraj
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I’m Javed Shiraj and I have 5.5 years of experience as a senior system engineer at IBM. I have considerable knowledge in the domain of database and data analysis. My area of expertise is in DB2, Oracle.

“I wanted to shift from DB2 development to big data due to its growing demand”

I was and still am very positive on the future of big data industry. I have attended live sessions and demos in other institutes but I was satisfied only with Intellipaat for my training. Hence, I enrolled for big data course.


The course was aptly designed and the faculty was very knowledgeable. I asked a doubt related to the course to the support team and I got the reply almost immediately. The way the course content is designed is very structured. The faculty provided quizzes which tweaked my knowledge on big data. I found the lifetime access feature of Intellipaat to be of a great help. I was not confident on my technologies before the course.

“After completing the course, I am confidently able to face interviews as I have firm grasp of big data technologies”

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Big Data Course 2021-10-23 2021-10-24
(Sat-Sun) Weekend batch
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Big Data Course 2021-10-30 2021-10-31
(Sat-Sun) Weekend batch
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Big Data Course 2021-11-06 2021-11-07
(Sat-Sun) Weekend batch
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