How Vikram Transformed his Career with Big Data Hadoop

How Vikram Transformed his Career with Big Data Hadoop
08th Jun, 2019

My name is Vikram Prathap Singh working in TCS with an experience of 2 years. I have done engineering in computer science. Current I am working on Java-based project.

“As I am an IT employee, I know very well that big data industry is booming”

I did a lot of net surfing to find a good platform to do a course on big data Hadoop. I saw consistent good reviews on Quora. I also came across that they gave IBM certification on completing the course. Intellipaat also offered placement assistance. Hence, I came to the conclusion that Intellipaat is the best platform to do a big data course. Therefore, I enrolled for Big data Hadoop Architect Training program.

The course teachers were very good as they delivered concepts from scratch. I had no knowledge of hadoop but this did not become a handicap in my learning. The course teachers were taught in a very basic, thorough manner. They made me aware of all the current examples and latest use cases in big data industry.  Intellipaat also provided real-time data which was helpful in completing my project. Those who want to start their career in data science should definitely consider this platform.

I found that the course teachers had both technical as well as industry level knowledge. I find lifetime access to course content to be a major plus to students. I can revise all Hadoop concepts anytime I want.

“I already got two interview calls, I am confident that I will get a job in Hadoop domain itself”

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