Vishal Navlani
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Vishal Navlani is a MCA graduate with 12 years of experience in IT industry. Currently, he’s working in IPC information systems.

“I perceive a necessity for tools for processing such huge chunk of data and Hadoop is the best tool for this purpose” says Vishal

In his career, he had developed applications which processed huge amount of data. He saw that companies also were trying to make sense of data. Vishal got to know about Intellipaat while browsing online for good course offerings. He also heard that we provided very good and impeccable service. After considering this, he enrolled for Big data Hadoop course.

He lauds the online training provided by us. As the faculties were experienced they clarified all his queries and doubts. He feels that the training faculty in Intellipaat not only had theoretical knowledge but also had hands-on experience. As per him, all the queries were answered by the faculty.

“I have learnt a new technology and developed insight into how companies make sense of data” says Vishal

Lifetime access to the course enrolled enables the students to clarify their doubts in future. Vishal found this feature of Intellipaat to be very helpful. He learnt a new technology enrolling to this course and developed insight into how companies gain insight into data. He could see how companies were transforming their businesses using big data technologies. Big data Hadoop certification gave a good status to his resume which was helpful in his career growth.

Vishal says “This course altered my thought process to think beyond and come up with innovative solutions in IT industry”

Get an inside look at the success story of Vipin based on Big Data at How a Database Developer Mastered Big Data.

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