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Environment Setup for Installing Cassandra

Cassandra is available for download from the Web at

The simplest way to get started is to download the prebuilt binary. please refer to steps below for linux:

1.) Download Cassandra in any directory

mkdir -p /root/nosql
cd /root/nosql

#Please download latest version available

tar -xvzf apache-cassandra-1.2.16-bin.tar.gz
mv apache-cassandra-1.2.16 /root/nosql/cassandra.

2.) Next, make sure that the folders Cassandra accesses, such as the log folder, exists and that Cassandra has the right to write on it:

sudo mkdir /var/lib/cassandra
sudo mkdir /var/log/cassandra
sudo chown -R $USER:$GROUP /var/lib/cassandra
sudo chown -R $USER:$GROUP /var/log/Cassandra

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3.) Set Cassandra’s variables

vim ~/.bash_profile
#add following lines to .bash_profile
export CASSANDRA_HOME=/root/nosql/cassandra

4.) Running Cassandra

sudo sh /root/nosql/cassandra/bin/cassandra

5.) Crosscheck with Cassandra cli

sudo sh /root/nosql/cassandra/bin/cassandra-cli

You will see window like this:-

img 2

A detailed understanding of Apache Cassandra is available in this blog post for your perusal!

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