Kafka Use Cases


Kafka works best on messaging . Since it is the primary  work  of Kafka.  The servers of Kafka known as brokers are best in buffering the messages which are yet to be published and also to start the processing at the consumers by ending it in the producers. It is proficient in transferring the  message of huge sets of of data due to its high resistance capabilities.

Website Activity Tracking:

The Kafka is a good website activity tracker. Every page visit, including each and every URL can be found by Kafka. Each search activity, including page views is done perfectly by this web tracker.
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Log Aggregation:

Kafka also works best in aggregating log files from different servers and them adding them up in the main server system.

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Commit log:

In other distributed systems, it acts as a  log replicating the information between nodes and acts as substitutes for the broken nodes.

Event sourcing:

All the changes in the stages in the stream changes are arranged in a series relating to time.


Kafka aggregates data from several numbers of applications to obtain a one main data. So it monitors a large number of data pipelines to collect the required sets of data from them.

Stream processing:

The processing of the data from the Topics of fresh data and then accumulating them , enriching them and then sending to newer Topics are all stream processing done by the Kafka.

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