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UIUX Designer Job Description for 2023
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The following topics are going to be covered in this blog:

Roles of a UI/UX Designer Job

There are certain things that UI/UX designer job descriptions mention as the responsibility of a UI/UX designer:

  • Evaluate and gather all requirements of users and collaborate with product engineers and managers
  • Use sitemaps, process flows, and storyboards to illustrate design ideas
  • Design graphic UI elements such as tabs, widgets, and menus

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UI/UX Designer Job Responsibilities

Let us take a look at what are the responsibilities of a UI/UX designer:

  • Identify UX design needs for the company’s digital assets
  • Develop and conceptualize UI/UX design strategies for the brand
  • Produce high-quality UX designs using wireframes, flow diagrams, graphic and visual design, sitemaps, prototypes, and storyboards
  • Design UI elements, such as search boxes, navigation menus, widgets, and tabs, for the company’s digital assets using various UI/UX tools.
  • Test UI elements, such as banners, CTAs, page designs, page layouts, target links, and page flows, for landing pages
  • Collaborate with the marketing team and internal and external designers to make sure that tailor-made content is being created and delivered to the digital users
  • Advice and guide the implementation of UX research methods and tests to ensure proper prediction and analysis of user behavior
  • Adhere to the graphic design and typography style standards

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Skills Required for a UI/UX Designer Job

The following are the most important skills that are required to become a UI/UX designer:

Soft Skills

  • Ability to work in a team and independently
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Multitasking
  • Time management

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Technical Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in design, computer science, or a relevant field
  • Proven work experience as a UI/UX designer or a similar role
  • UI/UX Design Portfolio work for both mobile and web platforms
  • Good knowledge of Sketch, InVision, HTML, Visio, CSS (SCSS), iOS, Android, Design Systems, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop.

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Day-to-day Responsibilities of a UI/UX Designer

For a UI/UX designer, no two workdays are the same. UI/UX designers have a wide range of activities to go through such as planning, mapping user journey, designing screens, research, etc. Let us take a look at some of the day-to-day responsibilities of a UI/UX designer:

  • Go through feedback on previous designs, and briefs for new projects, and coordinate with the team
  • Research various kinds of things from web or mobile usage analytics to trend spotting. See what is working with the users and what is not. Every bit of information that can help improve the product is crucial
  • Run analytics on questionnaire responses, field studies, interviews, etc. They are responsible for finding out ways to understand the users
  • Utilize the insights as inputs for their design decisions
  • Design the user experience and interface keeping the user’s needs in mind
  • Conduct observational research; observe sample users’ interaction with the product
  • Attend meetings and presentations for design and business strategy

But these are just some of the things that UI/UX designers do during their workday. They may do a lot more.

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Why are the UI/UX Designer Jobs so interesting?

There is a high demand for UI/UX designers. Some of the reasons why this job is so interesting are:

  • They get to learn how to maximize customer satisfaction and, in turn, improve the ROI.
  • They can understand how consumer psychology works.
  • They get to talk to and interview a number of people.
  • They learn how to handle different challenges.

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UI/UX Designers Job Opportunities

Lately, UI/UX design has been a highly popular field. Brands that do not have a digital presence are not taken seriously anymore. The website or mobile app is the face of the brand. It helps build connections between the customers and the brand. The better UX and UI a company is able to provide, the better it performs with the customers. UI/UX is ranked sixth on Glassdoor’s “Top 25 highest-paying entry-level jobs”.

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Who is a UI/UX Designer?

UI and UX design are two easily confused terms. Let us take a look at who UI or UX designers are separate.

Who is a UI Designer?

A user interface (UI) designer is responsible for designing all the screens that users move through while browsing an app, website, or video game. They also create all the visual design elements to help users move through the website.

Who is a UX Designer?

A user experience (UX) designer is responsible for the various aspects of a product’s development. This includes design, function, usability, marketing, and branding. They are responsible for a user’s entire interaction with the product.

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What does a UI/UX Designer Do?

A UI/UX designer is crucial to a user’s opinion of a product. UI and UX are different things, as already discussed, but having them both go hand in hand is important for a company’s design decisions.

A UX designer makes sure that a product can be made sense of by a user. A UX designer makes sure that there is seamless and aesthetically appealing navigation for the users.

A UI designer makes sure that it is easy for the users to navigate around using visual elements. A UI designer conducts thorough research about the users’ requirements and implements those design decisions in the product.

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UI/UX Designer Salary

UI/UX designers are pretty well paid around the world. The need for UI/UX designers has also increased in the last five years owing to the advancements in technology and the popularization of digital mediums of communication.

  • The salaries of UI/UX designers are among the top highest-paying entry-level jobs. The average UI/UX designer salary is about $98,000 p.a.
  • The job market for UI/UX designers is pretty stable and ever on the rise.

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UI/UX Designer Salary in India

Let us take a look at the salary trends for UI/UX designers in India.

UI Designer

The average salary for a UI designer in India is ₹478,233 p.a. Let us take a look at how much UI designers are paid in different cities:

CityExperienceAverage Salary (p.a.)
New DelhiFresher₹393,054

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UX Designer

The average salary for a UX designer in India is ₹623,055 p.a. Let us take a look at how much UX designers are paid in different cities:

CityExperienceAverage Salary
New DelhiFresher₹500,000

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This blog has discussed the important roles and responsibilities expected of a UI/UX designer. Companies hiring UI/UX designers expect them to be prepared to take on these responsibilities. UI designers need to be good at designing the interface that the users interact with, and UX designers need to be good at understanding the users’ needs so that they are widely implemented in the product design.

Even though it is not uncommon for one person to take on the role of both UI designer and UX designer, the job is better done separately, but collaboratively, as both these fields focus on different things.

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