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Trump Executive Order & the H1B Visa Clampdown
Updated on 17th Aug, 22 3303 Views

The IT industry is bracing itself for the worst. Donald Trump the new man at the helm of affairs is committed to protecting American jobs and making immigration tougher. This has sent shivers down the spines of IT industry honchos across the United States from Microsoft to Uber, from Facebook to Google.

So what exactly does President Donald Trump intend to do with the H1B Visa rules, what are its repercussions and how you can tide over this wave and turn a knotty problem into a bright opportunity. Read on to find out.

Every year United States grants around 85,000 skilled immigrants from around the world entry into its hallowed nation. Most of these men and women are absorbed by the tech industry to fill its insatiable thirst for merit in diverse technology domains. Now since Donald Trump has signed the executive order on H1B Visa clampdown, it would be considerably tougher for the IT companies in the United States to hire people from the rest of the world. So what is the solution?

Today the Ed Tech industry has grown so pervasive that any technology can be mastered anywhere, anytime thanks to the power of online training. So what the technology industry in the US can do is start upskilling their existing workforce in order to meet the demands of the future be it in machine learning or Big Data Hadoop.

Certification in Bigdata Analytics

If you are a student who is going to graduate in the not so distant future then it will do you considerable good to pick some cutting-edge technology that is hot in the market and one that helps you grab your dream job. After all it is a competition all the way and those with the best skills will be hired be it at Google or the next billion dollar start-up. Period.

Here are the top skills you can master in the wake of H1B clampdown:

Hadoop : Hadoop has moved from Proof of Concepts to active production long time back and having the right training in Hadoop can definitely take your career to the next level. You can command a salary that is 2X or even 3X of your present salary.

Check the Intellipaat Big Data Hadoop training that awards the IBM certification upon successful completion!

Data Science: The field of Data Science does not need any introduction ever since the Harvard Business Review voted it as the “sexiest job of the 21st century”. But the field of Data Science is wider than you think and there are many different domains that you need to master in order to be successful and called a Data Scientist and command an average salary of $123,000 which can go up to $300,000 with five years of experience!

Check the Intellipaat Data Scientist Training course now to take your career to the next level!

Business Analyst : Every company needs the services of business intelligence and business analyst professionals who have a mastery over the BI tools like Tableau, QlikView, Cognos and so on. Making a career in Business Intelligence can be definitely fruitful since businesses need insights in real-time and with the size of business increasing it becomes all the more important to make data-driven decisions that have the firm backing of analytics and business intelligence recommendations.

Check the Intellipaat Business Intelligence Reporting Training now!

With the global economy going in an overdrive and the US economy picking steam there is no stopping the technology industry. The only thing that is holding back these enterprises is getting the right people to work for them as there is a shortage of skilled professionals especially in the high technology domains like machine learning, data science, real-time data analytics among other things.

The only solution is having the backing of the right online professional certification training. Intellipaat is a young and dynamic online training institute of choice of forward-thinking professionals the world over that has grown at an exponential rate in the last five years since inception. Today Intellipaat proudly boasts of a learner base of over 400,000 in over 30 countries. The best part of Intellipaat is that it offers you training in some of the most futuristic, niche and bleeding-edge tools and technologies that only a handful of online training institutes may be offering anywhere in the world.

The entire Intellipaat training in over 150 tools and technologies has been designed by industry professionals with decades of experience. The course curriculum is directly in line with clearing the requisite industry certification and is totally job-oriented. The emphasis all along has been on the practical aspects with 70% of the training module totally dedicated to offering hands-on real-world experience.

All we can say is Happy Learning and get going ahead!

Check the Intellipaat training courses now so that the H1B Visa issue does not hamper your future prospects!

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