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CCA Spark Hadoop Developer Certification Exam CCA175

About Course

This is an industry recognized, job-oriented Hadoop Developer training that will prepare you for the Cloudera Certified Associate Spark Hadoop Developer Certification Exam CCA175. Cloudera recognizes a candidate’s technical proficiency and this Intellipaat CCA175 training strives to make you technically skilled. CCA175 is a growing recognition of the rise of Apache Spark as an alternative to the Java MapReduce and hence this training includes hands-on training in Spark. You will learn to effortlessly program in Scala and Python for Apache Spark to run on Hadoop clusters.

What you will learn in this CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer training?

  • Get the basics of Hadoop framework and its various components
  • Learn how Apache Spark is a faster and better to process Big Data
  • Introduction to Scala programming for Apache Spark
  • Scala implementation in Python and Java
  • Learn about RDD for data abstraction in Spark algorithm implementation
  • Understand about Scala class concepts and deploy pattern matching
  • Understand Scala Case Classes for performing Pattern Matching
  • Develop applications for Big Data using the Hadoop framework
  • Understand about Hive, Pig, HBase, Sqoop, Oozie and Zookeeper

Who should go for this CCA training course?

  • Data Scientists and Analytics Professionals
  • Software Developers, BI, ETL, and data warehousing professionals
  • Big Data Hadoop developers, architects and testing personnel

What are the prerequisites for taking this training course?

You don’t need a prior knowledge of Apache Hadoop. Basic knowledge of database and query language can help.

Why should you take this CCA 175 training course?

  • 60% of executives believe Big Data will upend their industries within 3 years – CapGemini Report
  • The US alone could face a shortage of 1.4 -1.9 million Big Data Analysts by 2018 – Mckinsey
  • Average Hadoop Developer salaries in the United States is $102,000 – Indeed.com

Hadoop is the framework of choice for working on Big Data that is being generated at breakneck speeds around the world. With increasing complexities of Big Data there is a real need for a faster processing

framework that can take over from MapReduce which is being tested to the limits. Apache Spark is the processing technology that can work even 100 times faster than MapReduce. This Cloudera Certified Associate Spark Hadoop Developer CCA175 training from Intellipaat is your perfect passport to land some of the best jobs in the Big Data world at top salaries.

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