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Is there a benefit for using prebuilt connectors to and from SaaS billing platforms like Aria/Zuora when they live between Salesforce and Netsuite used as pure CRM and ERP/Accounting/Finance respectively. That is, versus using an ESB/Integration platform like Mulesoft or Boomi.

We are currently looking at changing billing and ERP systems and having them integrate together and with Salesforce CRM. So the chain would look like:

CRM -- Billing Solution -- ERP

Many of the billing systems have prebuilt connectors that work with ERP systems like Netsuite or Fusion, as well as connectors for Salesforce. Not to mention web service endpoints/APIs.

But there are integration vendors like Mulesoft and Boomi (basically Enterprise Service Bus PaaS providers) that also allow integration between the services.

I come from an SOA background and tend to favor a standalone ESB to connect the systems but due to my lack of familiarity with Saas ERP systems don't understand the benefits and pitfalls in the prebuilt connector vs ESB debate. I understand the concepts behind avoiding point to point integration, which would turn around to be a benefit for using ESBs. But is there a benefit for using prebuilt connectors within the SaaS platforms ... and are there serious downsides (my main concern).

Can anyone provide some insight here? I am not asking for "which one is best", just some real-world experience good or bad that could help someone make these kinds of decisions.

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Here, are some points which can be helpful for you.

Prebuilt Connector capabilities

Service provider like Salesforce is taking much pride to their customizability and extensibility by using third party extensions. Sometimes, the connector is a one-size-fits-all approach which will satisfies the common and simple intregation needs. The main problem to be concerned about that what happens if prebuilt connectors are stop for some companies which you are using?

Choosing iPaaS

Using iPaaS platform is way much better decision for the long term use. With this you can easily implement your own integrations from the scratch.

I hope this will work.

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