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We are working on a little Java game, based on the game Blokus.

I'm a Java-beginner and plan to implement an advanced artificial intelligence. We already have a random AI (picks a random valid move) and an AI with a simple move-rating mechanism. We also want an AI which should be as good as possible (or at least very good ;) ).

The question is: Which AI-concept would be suitable for our purpose? The minimax-algorithm seems to be a valid choice, but how do you adapt it to a 4-player-game? Are there better concepts for a game like Blokus?

Thanks already :)

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This project was a combination final for AI and Software Design. Blokus is a board game for 2-4 players. The pieces look sort of like Tetris pieces and are made up of one to five blocks. The main aim of Blokus is to end up with fewer blocks in your hand than any of your opponents. It uses a 3-ply minimax search to find the best move.

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