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What happened exactly on chaincode deploy and invoke , query, in Hyperledger?

Need to confirm the cost of system on Chaincode deploy, invoke and query. If they are the same, seems better to make Chaincode more than one, even hundreds, thousands.

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We must individually understand what happens when Deploy, Query, and Invoke is used in Hyperledger. 

Deploy: Over here, the chaincode is submitted to the ledger as a transaction and distributed across all networks in the distributed blockchain network. Upon deploy, each node individually creates a new Docker Container and embeds the chain code within the Docker Container. Moving ahead, each container will start and the Init method will be executed.

Query: During a query, the current state of the chain code is sent back to the user and the transaction is not saved. 

Invoke: When invoked, chain code can actually change or modify the state of variables in the distributed ledger. Transactions get added to blocks in the ledger. 

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