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How is Kubernetes different from Docker Swarm?

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I have used both Docker swarm and Kubernetes and I have found that Docker swarm has fewer features and plugins as compared to Kubernetes - Kubernetes is more general purpose. But docker swarm is nice if you do not want to spend the effort running a Kubernetes cluster. It scales up easily from docker-compose in local machine to docker-compose in a docker swarm. In a sense, the swarm is simpler to set up and run but has fewer features. You can probably use swarm to if you only have a few specific services/teams.

Kubernetes really shines when you want to support the entire stack/company. From internal services to actual production services. Kubernetes makes it much easier to maintain and deploy any services you want - whereas docker swarm is more like a specialized solution - you have a swarm for each set of services. If you want to make your career in Docker you must take up the following Docker Training Course by Intellipaat. I am also mentioning a video tutorial for you which you must read to clear all your doubts.


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